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Autistic Anime Girls Thread Anonymous 23541

post em

Anonymous 23552

Is Rei truly autistic, though? I mean she's a clone

Anonymous 23572

If anything she's a schizoid, if we're talking about which headcanon is more accurate

Anonymous 23573

Nothing stops someone from being both autistic and schizoid.

Anonymous 23576


Kozakura-san has high functioning autism.

Anonymous 23585

I never said that. She's not autistic though

Anonymous 23601

You can't be diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder if you have autism.

Anonymous 23609

Someone should really tell the people who keep track of comorbidities.


Anonymous 23610


Anonymous 23613

This article does not say what you think it is saying. The association here is that autistic traits may converge with schizoid traits. They are not saying that they are diagnosed with both. This is why they are considered differential diagnoses of each other. The diagnostic manual explicitly states that schizoid PD cannot be diagnosed in patients who have autism, as the apparent schizoid traits would be symptomatic of the patient’s autism, which is a developmental disorder.

Anonymous 23615


Anonymous 23616


This one too, Tomo also might be on the spectrum + ADHD

Anonymous 23617


Shizuku from Whisper of the Heart.

Anonymous 23631

Yup. That’s honestly way more autistic than all the ”cutesy” TRAnime shit itt.

Anonymous 23633

She's literally braindead from bird demon penis rape though

Anonymous 23634

Dick-induced autism

Anonymous 23639

Happens to us all

Anonymous 23687

Might as well post all of them

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