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Anonymous 2355

Do /tg/ related things belong in /media/? I'll just assume they do.
Do any of you girls play any tabletop RPGs like D&D, exalted, world of darkness or whatever?
I played some fourth edition D&D when I was a teenager and I'm getting really nostalgic for it recently.
Do you have any stories you would like to share? what kind of characters do/did you usually make? any interesting people you've played with?

I would contribute with my own story but I didn't actually do anything worth a story, there was this one time I sliced a badger in half by rolling a natural 20, it was one of my first encounters ever, I wasn't older than 13 and I felt like the coolest girl on the planet.

Anonymous 2357


Ooh me!

I play D&D (prefer 5e but also play 3.5e), Pathfinder, and Vampire. I would love to play more but it seems like it's so hard to find groups to play with for some reason. I have a regular group that just doesn't seem to get together much anymore and I was in the lolcow /tg/ group but something happened and it's pretty much disbanded now.

Let's see, my regular DM tends to overthink his campaigns a little too much so if we end up biting it for whatever reason he keeps bringing us back to life so we can continue his story. I remember one campaign my character died at least once a session. To be fair, she was chaotic good with little impulse control and he kept putting her around a bunch of evil baddies. The first time she died she did natural 20 her god for diplomacy in the afterlife so that's his reasoning as to why she keeps coming back. Still haven't finished that campaign.

I always thought it'd be fun to try out some niche TTRPG's though like Maid RPG. Perhaps FATAL if I were drunk enough lol.

Anonymous 2887

Girls like elves
Women like dorfs
weirdos [spoiler]like me like halflings[/spoiler]

Anonymous 2888

I always wanted to try playing D&D since it looks like fun but I never wanted to try it so much that I would actually learn how it's played and find more players and all that stuff, and I bet I wouldn't be very good at it anyway.

But I really like how you can make your own characters and I like all the races and classes, and if anyone here has a D&D character but no drawings of it I would love to draw it. Really please someone post a description of your character.

Anonymous 3732

Learning is easy, it's the finding players that's the tricky part

Anonymous 4017


I've been interested in D&D for years but only started playing in February this year, however I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like to. Played in a group where we never got more than 3 sessions into a campaign because DMs kept losing interest in every new campaign they created, didn't help that we had two players that would stir up drama. Ended up leaving and after failing with another group, I'm just sticking with playing with my best friend now and I'm really enjoying it. With previous groups I'd always take the backseat, not wanting to interrupt anyone when it came to roleplaying, but here it's just the two of us duetting and I don't have to worry about anything. No drama either.

Something I've noticed with my characters is that they all tend to share negative traits with myself, which is pretty embarrassing because I end up relating to them a lot. I worry a lot others will notice it, even though it's not as cringy as self-inserting or making them Mary Sues. Still being a newbie I have a preference for physical fighters, slamming enemies with weapons and dealing lots of damage is so much fun.

>there was this one time I sliced a badger in half by rolling a natural 20, it was one of my first encounters ever, I wasn't older than 13 and I felt like the coolest girl on the planet.
I know this feeling! My first character was so lucky, I kept getting high rolls and a few crits during combat. All of my teammates were screaming and cheering, I felt like a rockstar.

Anonymous 4020

>Do you have any stories you would like to share?
I seduced the leader of an evil cult and had violent gay sex with him in a room full of human sacrifices, then murdered him and disguised myself as him to get out because I had crazy luck with my dice. The DM and my party mates had to suffer through every bit of it because I had crazy high charisma and kept rolling 17-20.
My character was a promiscuous paladin with an outrageous French accent (that I put on during the entire campaign) and an even more outrageous mustache. In that same campaign I also seduced a goblin assassin with three nipples, who later joined the party and became my friends' favourite character in the whole game.

I love DnD because I absolutely never take it seriously and have a lot of fun torturing DMs.

Anonymous 4022

Dnd and all D20 systems are shitty for roleplaying. The ideal roleplaying system is based on D6.

Anonymous 4023

I've been in game set in an original alternate history World War 1 fantasy world for the past 3 years. We've been playing with a heavily modified and house ruled version of Fate Core. It's really fun but we're reaching the ending. We're gonna be doing a sequel game in the same setting but 70 years later with using Warbirds as our system.

Anonymous 4281

GOD do I know that feel.
Me and the rest of the group pour our heart into cool characters (I especially like roleplaying as far away from my true nature as I can, ideally with a different personality and ideals each time) and after months of (pretending to) building a campaign he just railroads us around shitty boring dungeons with shitty boring dialogue and then he gets bored after 2 sessions.
I wish I could find a steady group IRL to play with, but I have no idea where to look, and the public groups on facebook and such are filled with people I haven't any doubt I wouldn't like.

Anonymous 4286


I'm the other way around - spent ages building up this big campaign concept and storyline, got all the bits worked out.
It's a sci-fi setting, and I set up backgrounds and maps of everything, made little 'calling card' things for when people send them messages. Like, a little header with their picture, the date it was sent, all that stuff.
We did a side-episode where they went into VR and I made new character sheets (from scratch) and homebrewed a variant of the base game's rules and skills to reflect the VR world and their characters.

The players are always talking about what a great time they have, and they're hype to play every time we play.
But we never play.
They kinda just look at the game as this fun thing to do when they have time, rather than ever trying to make the time for it.
That and I dont think they realise the effort and time I put into each episode.
It's really killed any desire I had to ever finish the game. Should have probably finished up within a half-year, but instead it's been over a year and a half just becuase we go weeks and weeks and weeks between sessions.
It's the most disheartening thing ever.

Worse yet, since the group is about 90% my girlfriend's best friends, not only do I feel bad becuase they just kinda don't care about this campaign I poured my heart into, but she feels bad too becuase her friends are just disregarding the effort I put to try and make a fun time for them.
Add to that the fact she's having a fun time and wants to see where the campaign goes.
I'll probably just run it for her 1-player some time, sad though that is.

Anonymous 4287

My dad has been playing D&D something like 42 years so I've played all my life.
AD&D 2nd is my favorite(my Mom's favorite, too) but I've played a ton. My Dad ran Sailor Moon RPG for me and my friends when we were kids (i took over after a year) and I have a Champions game where all players are women.
Too many stories to pick one!

Anonymous 4288

That's fucking neat, greentext something your dad ran!

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