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old/nostalgic internet animations Anonymous 23600

Let's talk about one of the more obscure eras of animation: early 2000s-2010s internet cartoons.
Anyone else ever found cartoons like these more endearing? They're more relatable, in a sense, like they're made by real human beings and not some corporate studio.

Anonymous 23611


I don’t recognize the image in your pic OP, what’s that from?

I really liked Making Fiends and Salad Fingers. Aughts flash animated webtoons were such a cool time for animation because of how weird they tended to be. I guess flash going out of style and the rise of YouTube vlogs put kind of an end to it. I’m sure there are still independent animators making their own webtoons, but I can’t recall one really going viral maybe since like Bee & Puppycat in 2014, and even that is extremely polished by the standards of grungy webtoons of yore. Maybe I’m just old and out of the loop though.

Anonymous 23612

da classic

Anonymous 23614


Pementa from Mugman! It's an obscure web series made by a moid with the tisms, he still makes good animations to this day (Pike's Lagoon, Loose ends)

Anonymous 23622

was on the furry side of youtube in the late 2000s/early 2010s
yeah yeah furries are weird but man the animation memes from that era give me warm feelings of nostalgia

Anonymous 23649

I dont know why, but I loved these stupid sonic animations when I was younger and now they haunt me in my dreams.

Anonymous 23651

I was never into newgrounds junk, but I loved Homestar Runner, they still post new stuff on Youtube sometimes.

Anonymous 23667


holy shit… holy shit.. anon. The repressed memories you have activated in me. Holy shit. I remember seeing this as a kid, I completely wipped this out of my memory and now this post has given me flashbacks of a shitton of sonic animations i saw as a kid. Do any of you remember that Tails Doll in a creepy mansion song?

Anonymous 23672


no unfortunately i do not remember that song but please post it when you find it

Anonymous 23706

Found it! I remember there being a lot of other versions of that!

Anonymous 23710

What anime is this?

Anonymous 23711

Also, you don't have link?

Anonymous 23718

I like stupid YouTube song animations.

Anonymous 23735

This video reminded me of this one

Anonymous 24231

the 2000s re-animator community was so comfy

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