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Anonymous 23717

can you recommend lesser known movies?

Anonymous 23719

what do you like? i dont want to just throw out random movies lol

Anonymous 23720

i prefer movies that deal with relatively plausible events and dont have fantasy/sci-fi elements, but besides that i'm open to everything really, so feel free to share any recs you might have! ty anonette

Anonymous 23722


Fucking Åmål (1998)
it's a swedish teenage lesbian drama lol

Anonymous 23723

whats this movie

Anonymous 23724

if you don't mind reading subtitles, Aki Kaurismäki has some pretty good movies that don't seem to get enough love. i havnt seen them all but i liked the ones i've seen. i recommend Ariel, I hired a contract killer, and he didnt direct a movie called Aaltra, but he was in it as an actor and that one is pretty good if you like sort of dark comedy.

Anonymous 23729

crimson peak, noroi: the curse and housebound if you like horror
craigslist joe for something kind of like documentary style
submarine for kind of a weird depressing movie
chocolate (2008) if you like action/martial arts with a woman as the main character
phantom of the paradise if you like weird movies that are a jumble of genres
idk if it's considered lesser known but hardcore henry was cool too - basically all action though

Anonymous 23734


For a documentary:
Hands on a Hardbody
Gates of Heaven
Genghis Blues

For a drama:
Los sonámbulos

Anonymous 23738

Kamikaze Girls, which I really recommend and it falls into what OP is looking for

Anonymous 23739


All about lily chou chou
Stupeur et tremblements
The student/Ученик

Anonymous 23740


Tag/Riaru onigokko is a pinkpilled movie. It has some gore-ish moments but nothing too extreme, that's a plus for me though but maybe some people aren't into that

Anonymous 23746

Densha Otoko AKA Train Man (not the TV series)

Anonymous 23817

Teenage Dirtbag 2009 (hilarious gem)
Lawn Dogs 1997 (weird but fun to watch)
The Punisher 2004
Identity 2003
The Collector 2009 and the sequel Collection, the only horror movie I can think of that has a male final girl
The Shape of Water 2017 (fish sex)

Anonymous 23923

Post Tenebras Lux.

Anonymous 24158

Cold Fish

Anonymous 24181

I really enjoyed Ingrid Goes West. Not sure how "lesser known" it is, but it's a dark comedy/thriller. Aubrey Plaza plays a mentally ill girl who obsessively stalks an influencer and gets into all sorts of nutty shit in the process. It's sad and creepy and hilarious and wild. Controversial, but IMO perfect, ending.

Anonymous 24791

ученик is not actually that good, as it is directed in a bit wtf way and as a whole it doesn't give a good sense and is a bit too crazy

Anonymous 24792

I recommend The hunt, a similar czech movie Innocence, another czech one Loners, Express foto, Truman show

Anonymous 24793

I only know horror. >.< I hope you appreciate these as much as I did.

1972 Straight On Till Morning
1975 Criminally Insane
1976 The Witch Who Came From the Sea
1977 The Spell
1982 Julie Darling
1996 The Stendhal Syndrome
2000 The Isle
2006 Cinderella
2015 Evolution

Anonymous 24796

What movie is the still in the op from?

Anonymous 24799

kamikaze girls.jpg

kamikaze girls! its abt a lolita and a biker girl

Anonymous 24813

fat girl (2001)

Anonymous 24839

Marrowbone 2017

Anonymous 24848

Found it online. Yw

Anonymous 24869


Rock n roll themed. Linda Manz is incredible at being an angsty teenager. Make sure to watch all the way to the credits music.

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