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do you like Ace Combat Anonymous 23730

do you like Ace Combat?

Anonymous 23732

I wanna get into it.

Anonymous 23741

Anonymous 23745


if you want a modern game, Ace Combat 7 is pretty cool

If you don't mind emulation, Ace Combat 4 is also an excellent choice to start

my favorite is Ace Combat 3 but it lacks some of the later games mechanics, like the special weapons for example.

Anonymous 23747

Yeah, they're awesome games, I have only played the PS2 ones though. The music is the best part

Anonymous 23748

I forgot how youtube works on cc

Anonymous 23838

I somehow own ace combat 04. I think it came with my ps2 when I bought it used. My bf loves the game and says it's one of his favorite from his childhood. I think I've played it once and I remember struggling with the controls for some reason… I might just be stupid though.

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