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Anonymous 23743

What are some movies that surprised you with how much you ended up liking them?
And which ones were complete letdowns?

Anonymous 23744

i wouldn't call it a complete letdown, but midsommar was a big eh to me. i spent a year waiting for it excitedly after loving hereditary, and it wasn't scary at all. that wasn't the intention of the director with it and i get it, but i expected something else entirely, and i didn't get disturbed even once during the movie. the pace was way too slow at times, and at the end of it i felt like all the good staging, original concept and great atmosphere couldn't make up for the big "something is missing", if it makes sense.
it wasn't a bad movie and it has its good things for sure, it just didn't do it for me really.

Anonymous 23761

I was surprised by how much I ended up liking Ready Player One. I was expecting to hate it 100% but it was more like 70%

Anonymous 23766

i'm surprised by how much i loved fight club, kill bill and american psycho. i'm usually not into movies that go mainstream, and much less when they are moidy, but these were actually super good and i recommend them to anyone who has a similar sentiment and isn't sure about watching them.


lmao yeah marvel sucks to me as well. what would you say you dislike the most about the mcu anonette?

Anonymous 23767

Autumn sonata, ingmar bergman movie. The premise maybe seems boring and it’s in swedish so involves subtitles but it was actually super engaging in a very layered and nuanced way. I would definitely recommend, it’s subtle but is a brilliant potrayal of the complex mother/daughter relationship and also dealing with a narcissist in general. Surprisingly easy watch

Anonymous 23768

I agree with you on Kill bill and fight club (haven’t seen American psycho) and would add scarface, heat and pulp fiction to this list

Anonymous 23770

I agree. I like capes but the movies are so boring to watch, watching CGI stunt doubles of actors jumping around in front of CGI explosions is not interesting to me

Anonymous 23782

I loved Parasite and it was surprising because I was of the opinion that I'd hate asian cinema because it's too slow-paced. Years after, it turns out it is, but it has a lot of amazing movies and I've now watched a lot of thai, chinese, japanese and korean movies.

Anonymous 23788

I would like to hear your recs lol I relate

Anonymous 23792

nice thank you i feel like my dad would like both of these too haha

Anonymous 23793

Godfather Part II. I absolutely hated the first movie. The main characters were full of themselves to the point I found them unbearable and the women were obviously written by a man who didn't give a fuck about making them more than one-dimensional. So many incel-type guys idolize the first movie, so I was shocked I liked the second one. I loved that The second movie goes into the generational trauma of the family which fleshes out many of the main characters. Those scenes when Michael Corleone is just staring off to the distance daydreaming memories of his father almost made me cry.

Anonymous 23804

why did my posts get removed?

Anonymous 23805

Fuck, I know I should've screenshot it. Those looked like good recs.

Anonymous 23820


More recently, Knives Out (2019). I watched it because I saw a Thinkpad T60 in a scene and thought it was based, I also like Lakeith Stanfield. But damn, I wasn't expecting to like it this much. Despite being a mystery movie it's very light and has a lot of comedy in it, it's been a long time since I had this much fun with a movie.

Anonymous 23825

Solaris (1972), long and slow but if you're feeling relaxed and patient it's quite a ride

Anonymous 23835

I watched this a few days ago and I was really surprised by how much fun it was too. I loved all of the family bickering and Toni Collette's character had me cackling.

Anonymous 23837

Knives Out is one of my favorite movies released in recent years, it is really entertaining and even on a rewatch it still holds my interest. I also love Lakeith, he plays my favorite character on Atlanta. I'm looking forward to the sequels

Speaking of Daniel Craig I just watched Logan Lucky and I thought I wouldn't care for it based on the premise but it was a lot of fun. Adam Driver doing a southern accent was cute

Anonymous 23896

A bride for rip van winkle
expected it to be a boring artsy japanese film but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it

Anonymous 24421


Marie Antoinette 100% loved that movie
expected it to be just okay but holy shit its probably my favorite movie now

i was really hoping i would have found more recs like that ITT but its mostly just moid movies

i get i can just watch other Sofia Coppola movies to fill the void though

Anonymous 24422

i didn't expect to like Sorry to Bother You as much as i did but it was really funny

Anonymous 24423


Turning Red. I thought it was going to be very cringey and lame. When I watched it I actually found it endearing.

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