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Does anyone here know good Anonymous 23941

Roleplay games whose main focus isn't combat but socialization, world interaction, immersibility and freedom of actions/possibilities?
A place to be whoever I want and do whatever I want. But please recommend some that are free and not too heavy, my PC is not gamer :|

Anonymous 23942

Forgot to mention not to be medieval but modern instead!!

Anonymous 23943

second life unironically

Anonymous 23944

Mass effect 1 was pretty light on the combat if I recall. Or at least the talking was the stuff that I remember.
There's also the really small game I remember where you're like a detective on a train in the future and everyone is robots, but I can't remember the name. I'll come back if I remember it.

Anonymous 23945

Y..yeah, right… sister.

Also Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines for janky epicness, but your won't finish the game with just talk and no umpfh.
Also also the Shadowrun titles for cyberpunk RPG with a lot of approaches, seems like it was for free on GOG recently, as it was added to my library there.

Anonymous 23946

stardew valley.jpg

stardew valley somewhat fits the description. you have a farm next to a small village. you can talk to people, give them gifts and work on your farm.

there is some fighting against monsters in a cave.

Anonymous 23947


undertale somewhat fits. it is kind of combat focus but it doesn't have to be because of the underlying theme of being peaceful and resolving situations without fighting. it is linear though so not much freedom and possibility.

Anonymous 23948


rimworld is a fun one. on lower difficulty settings it is more like a community building game, on higher difficulty it is focused on combat.

there is a big procedurally generated world, a settlement can be made on any free space, the settlement can be abandoned and rebuilt somewhere else. there is traveling around. basically a party of up to 10 people live in a place and try to survive by building rooms and furniture, grow crops, raise animals, mine resources, make sculptures and clothes and drugs. lots of freedom, possibility and interaction with the world.

Anonymous 23949

Hey I remember this one! I think I tried an early version almost ten years ago and didn't get into it, but I think it maybe wasn't even finished at the time.

Anonymous 23959

This or like, VRChat RP groups, or even GTA Online RP servers.

Anonymous 23962

the game is somewhat deceptive though in that it is more of a bullet hell game than a turn based combat game.

Anonymous 24176

Persona 4 Golden. It has combat but it isn't hard and it also has the things you want.

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