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it's always sunny in philadelphia Anonymous 23960

i'm currently obsessed with this show

Anonymous 23965

I love Charlie so much, I would do unspeakable things to him.

Anonymous 23966

YES. i can't believe i want to fuck a guy who apparently smells like cheese and doesn't own a toothbrush. i have a thing for pathetic guys ig

Anonymous 23967

Same. Adorkable guys get me down bad. I usually don’t like 3D characters in that way, but Charlie embodies such cute cartoonishness that he’s an exception. I love how deranged he is, yet he manages to be one of the most level-headed of the gang.

Anonymous 23971

the fact that they do horrible things makes me feel better about myself

Anonymous 23975

soo many people hc charlie as enby and ace. which is fine but if writers give in and make him a gendie it would ruin the show for me
this. i have some narcissistic tendencies but at least i haven't kidnapped someone or anything kek

Anonymous 23978


he's like an overly excited squirrel

Anonymous 23979


samefagging but i'm in love

Anonymous 23980

Only have foggy memories of binge-watching this show, but my favorite eps were the one where they drive out of Philly in a U-Haul, the St. Patrick's one where they catch a "leprechaun", and the one where they're trapped in the closet of a cookie-cutter house in the suburbs. Least favorites would have to be any that heavily feature the Mcpoyle family or Rickety Cricket.

Have to admit—I almost stopped watching the show after the episode where the gang Extreme Home Makeover'd a Latino family's home. That episode made me feel depressed and nauseated without any laughs to smooth it over.

Anonymous 24009

I love this show so much, I hope it just keeps on going forever (as long as it's still funny

He's definitely the least horrible of the gang but I like that the creators enforced how bad of a person he still is in the episode "Charlie and Dee Find Love" where he's extremely cruel to the rich girl and they show just how creepy and bad his stalking of the waitress is

Anonymous 24022

In real life it would be a nightmare to be his partner yeeee

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