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Using Mic in online games Anonymous 24010

I've been playing multiplayer online games for a long time but only recently got into ones with voice and started to be on mic

I am now so sick and tired of all these moids, their idiotic questions (are you a girl? Are you a girl??) and how disgusting they are

Has anyone found a solution other than just to mute yourself and/or others? I don't want to be on mute because I sometimes find people that are okay and I want to win at the game.

Should I just learn how to fake a guys voice?

Sorry if this should've been in feels (as a vent)

Anonymous 24011

>Has anyone found a solution other than just to mute yourself and/or others?
Maybe finding and befriending a group of nigels (or, if you're lucky, a mixed sex group/clan) and playing coop with them? After thorough vetting of course, wouldn't want them to be misogynists.

Anonymous 24012


I'm really not good at befriending people, the very small group I have all play at different times so it's just 2-3 people and the game match needs at least 6

Anonymous 24013

What happens if you just answer "yes im a girl" does it escalate? Maybe just don't answer them? I don't know I've not really used mics in games that often, and I don't play a lot of games that have that feature. Don't fake a guy's voice though, it would just sound stupid. Maybe a voice changer?

Anonymous 24014

If you answer yes then they get really inappropriate, the only time a person doesn't get inappropriate is if the person asking is also a girl (needless to say I don't mind if a girl asks)

You can't really not answer because once someone asks everyone else goes quite and the person just keeps on asking, if you keep on being quite then they get really annoying and everyone on your team excludes you

It sucks that (so far) the best answer I found is to get try to slightly humiliate the person that asked (the person backs off and doesn't get inappropriate and the others just continue as before)

You can't answer no as well since your voice gives it away (and you also feel like you're betraying and saying it's not good to be a woman)

Anonymous 24015

> voice changer
the little kids ruined it and now using a voice changer is looked down upon (in the game I play the most) and you're seen as stupid

Anonymous 24016

I was thinking a more subtle voice changer if they exist. Definitely don't fake having a boy or man's voice
If it were me I just simply wouldn't bother using vc unless there were other women around. I guess if humiliating them works then just do that? Or say you're married idfk

Anonymous 24018

the more subtle voice changers probably exist, but any voice changer outside of the in game one is counted as a "mod" so I dont want to risk getting banned

until I find out to make more online friends Ill just stay on mute and suffer the game losses :(

is the only reason I shouldnt fake a voice is because itll probably sound stupid?

Anonymous 24020

What games do y'all play? I have a feeling that this shit happens a lot more common in zoomer games like Valorant or more 'boys club' team games like CS:GO.
Granted, I haven't played games with voice chat in years besides Escape From Tarkov and weirdly enough I've only had a negative interaction due to being a woman maybe two or three times over the years.

Anonymous 24021

The main game I'm referring to is a VR one so I guess it's very zoomer
Around half of the matches are bad experiences
I would like to say it's because there is no age verification and 2/3 of the players are under 16 but the older players are the same ratio of "okay people" to "crap misogynist"

Anonymous 24023

Can't you just tell us what the game is? Are you embarrassed? Is it Fortnite, it sounds like Fortnite.

Anonymous 24028

Fornite isnt VR
It's not that it's embarrassing but I don't want moids that monitor this imageboard to potentially go to the game

Anonymous 24030

I guess that's understandable, especially if it isn't a very popular game.

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