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Anonymous 241

Who's your favorite Mario girl and why?

OP 242

Since nobody is replying let me start. sorry if this sounds like a shitty waifu thread

My favorite is Daisy even though most Nintendo fans criticize her for having a plain design and a one-dimensional personality (which are all valid criticisms btw). I like her rough tomboy persona especially since all the other women in Mario are either Mary Sue-like or damsel-in-distresses. Buutt despite that I really prefer her previous design, y'know? I felt it was a better look and I'm almost convinced they changed her to make her b/c "tomboys can't be pretty" or some stupid shit.

Anonymous 249


I love all of them but I like Pauline especially. I remember being ten years old, browsing dA and seeing people hate on her because she looked "slutty". Ever since that day I've always liked her more just to spite the haters. I'd love to see her in games like Mario Party and Mario Kart.

Anonymous 250

I really like her design too. The little snippets of her personality would put her at my #1 if it were more developed. People in the video game community are strange though.

Anonymous 276


To me, Rosalina is best girl. I love her character design, she's strong, she's smart, and she takes care of the little baby Lumas (I'm jealous). She's kind and over all just a cool character.

Anonymous 281


I love Peach! She's super cute and I do like the damsel in distress type of girl because I'm a sucker for classic fairy tale stories like that. She does have her cool moments too like kicking serious ass in Smash Bros or her funny "I'm not having this bullshit" attitude in Paper Mario.

Anonymous 285


Peach gets a lot of criticism for being a damsel but honestly, I'm with you. Part of why I like her is because I think it's funny how she gets kidnapped all the time. She always keeps a cheery attitude, but can also be stubborn and a bit sassy at times. The Peach segments in the first Paper Mario are my favorite parts of the game.

Also I've been lowkey shipping Bowser and Peach ever since I was young. I love it when their relationship is portrayed as fluffy and silly.

Anonymous 318

I want to like her but the fact she has no major or interesting flaw (no, losing her mother and that serving as backstory for the player to cry for her is not a flaw) bores me. I dunno, it's like video games / anime always have that one female character they make completely useless or annoying, then they throw in that one female character who's stronger and cooler than all the boys for "rephrushion!!!11"

Plus her design is too similar to Peach which is unfortunate because I like her star motif.

On the good side I do like Captain Syrup but she's a Wario girl… yeah

Anonymous 319

My point is going to be lost but I said that because I'd like to see a female character who's written in the same way as like, Wario or Waluigi for once? It's like either two of the archetypes I mentioned and it kills me.

Anonymous 4024


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Anonymous 4063

Do you think the reason why Peach never gets with Mario is because he is a manlet

Anonymous 4080

Yoshi is the best girl.

Her and her clan protected Mario as a baby and helped rescue Luigi.

Anonymous 4111

Rosalina because she's a Virgin Mary/Goddess expy

Peach because she's a classic.

I don't care much for Daisy, and Pauline they could have done more with. I always figure Pauline would have been a better partner to peach than Daisy, because she would have had that "independent minded city-girl" persona to contrast with Peaches "Conservative princess/damsel in distress" persona. It would have achived the same type of dynamic Nintendo seemed to be going for with daisy by making daisy a tomboy, except by using an established character as opposed to making one up.

I guess this leaves Luigi without a love interest, but given Luigi's status as a "loser" (I use this term lightly) who is in his brother's shadow, I think it would have been appropriate.

Maybe Peach and Luigi could flirt once in a while shrugs.

Anonymous 4115

Also Pauline is a brunett to contrast with Peaches blond. Of course Daisy is Auburn, the dark/light contrast would probably have been better.

Anonymous 15669


It's a shame that Princess Shokora was only in Wario Land 4, her design is really cute!

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