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Summer 2022 Anime Anonymous 24401

I know this board is kinda dead but I'll try and start a thread regardless.

>What shows are you watching this season?

>Any favourites?
>Shows that rub you the wrong way?
>Any disappointments so far?

Adaptation nitpicking and general autism ARE WELCOME!

Anonymous 24402


Oh shit, I meant spring

Anonymous 24405


I don't get it, whats the relation between anime and tranners, most of them seem to hate it on twitter.

Anonymous 24406

troons are this generation's weebs except instead of wanting to fuck a body pillow they want to become a body pillow

Anonymous 24407

Many troons are autistic.
There is documentation that supports autistic people are more likely to like anime.
Therefore, more troons will like anime.

Most any troon you see hating anime is probably hating for "problematic content".

Anonymous 24408

I think that makes sense, most of my experiences have been with troons whining about any and all media i'm interested in.

Anonymous 24411

Plus anime has a very idealized depiction of women, there are a lot of "cute girls doing cute things" slice of life shows that make girls lives look very appealing. So these shows awaken something in the lonely, mentally ill self-hating male that makes them think being a girl will make them happy and make their life like anime.

Anonymous 24412

You know, I think this thread will stay till summer, so the title will be relevant anyway

Anonymous 24413


Usually I pick something artsy, but this season have nothing, maybe BRS, but I don’t care for BRS and it looks like shit
Maybe I will give a shot for that HoneyWorks show, even if two main bishies are uggo,

Paripi Koumei looks fun, so I checked out manga and the art style is sooo slick, so I won’t be watching and will read manga instead

Frustrated by she-is-not-a-loli-i-swear-dude type of show, like remember Senpai is annoying, way to go Aharen, picrel. Special award to that show from loli mangaka about uwu toddlers and female salaryman. Nothing inappropriate, but when you know - you know

Shikimori offers me a cute boy character, I like that, buuut it looks like it would be just a dumb japanese one joke show, you know the type. Wow she is so cool but shE iS a GIRL oMg

Summertime first ep looks amazing. Afaik, the original manga is finished and it ends with an actual ending, planned ending and not like the traditional japanese there’s-no-ending ending
So that’s good already
So maybe I’ll watch this

Basically, it is just two shows, and not even for sure

Anonymous 24414

bishounen tanteida…

I'm really liking spy x family, although It seems like the type of show that runs it's one good concept into the ground, but I would certainly be happy to be proven wrong.

I don't like the way the guys look in Heroine Tarumono either but I just love the concept (despite the actual execution being somewhat underwhelming) perhaps they should've given the show to someone from Shaft.

Anonymous 24417

>Spy X Family
>Summertime Render
Only watched the first SxF, Kaguya's still funny, didn't watch Summertime yet. Deaimon is great so far. Rest looks like garbage.

Anonymous 24419

Oh, forgot about Aharen. Seems good/okay. But maybe it can turn out like Senpai is Annoying, where you can feel the author's degeneracy despite the somewhat wholesome show.

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