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Nostalgic Vibes Anonymous 24503

can we get a comfy 2000's anime vibe going? music and nightcore links are welcome uwu

Anonymous 24504


some moar

Anonymous 24508

Anonymous 24755


We need to go back.

Anonymous 24758

I unironically do like these kind of images

Anonymous 24759


Anonymous 24760


Anonymous 24761


any other shojo beat fans here? besides the manga they also had fun articles, i still have some of mine on my shelf

Anonymous 24762

I wish I knew more about shojo manga. Or just about manga in general. It seems like most of the good stuff for women in Japan doesn't get adapted into anime.

Anonymous 24764

I don't remember the articles, but I still have copies of the first few issues in my childhood bedroom.

Anonymous 24784

(click for music!)

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