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alright ladies, which OS are we posting from? Anonymous 24605

me personally, i'm on Windows ME, for the meme.

Anonymous 24607

if you aren't also using internet explorer you're doing it wrong

Anonymous 24612

i'd love to but newer versions of IE won't even connect to the cafe. i'm using a fork of 32 bit firefox.

Anonymous 24790

just realised that this says newer and not older, i'm very smart i promise

Anonymous 24794

macbook cuz my mom bought it for me

Anonymous 24800

how did you not get a virus kek

Anonymous 24801

Opera gamer edition 😎

Anonymous 24811


Anonymous 24812

i dont believe u

Anonymous 24816

i literally only have the bare minimum requirements to connect here, i just did it as a joke

Anonymous 24817

You say that like your opinion matters

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