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Anonymous 24637

Okay question. Why do so many people shill this movie as some kind of artistic LGBT representation whatever the fuck they're claiming it to be now? This movie got away with animal abuse and scenes such as a troon eating actual real life dogshit. (I remember gagging so hard to that scene) I got this movie recommended to me when I was 16 and now looking back I just don't fucking understand why anyone would recommend this shitty movie. Especially recommend it to a 16 year old. I don't fucking get it.
>it's supposed to be disgusting and filthy!!!
so i guess animal abuse is ok?
>We bought the chicken from a farmer who advertised freshly-killed chicken. I think we made the chicken's life better: Got to be in a movie, got fucked… And then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken.
Those are the director's words.
I'm pretty sure (from memory, since I do not ACTUALLY want to rewatch the scene) that you see the chicken get killed (and I also think get used as sex toys by other cast members but I am not sure since i have a blurry memory of the scene now)
Again. Can someone explain to me why is this movie still praised as this thought provoking work of cinema when it absolutely isn't?

Anonymous 24638

It was the 70s, very different times. Then again look at what we have to look at on the internet now. Pink flamingos was tame compared to where we are now.

Anonymous 24639

Do you think you're supposed to see someone gaping their butthole or eating shit or keeping women in a dungeon and not be shocked and grossed out? That's the whole point. You don't watch Jackass, stroke your chin and go "hmm, and what was the inner truth Steve-O wanted to express by being hit in the balls by a skateboard?". Pink Flaingos and Desperate Living are the only John Waters films I've seen, but it's not his fault if a bunch people trying to get PhDs in film studies had to make up a bunch of deeper meanings about his films to do so. Not that there's anything wrong with looking deeper into art than it's creator ever did, but whatever, I'm getting off track.
>I think we made the chicken's life better: Got to be in a movie, got fucked… And then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken.
I'm sorry, that's just very funny. I'm going to say it's even funnier now in a world where everyone's constantly apologising or pretending to at least.

Anonymous 24640

Worst dumb movie ever
He should not have a camera to film that

Anonymous 24641

I don't get people who complain about animal abuse when they eat animals. You're not any better.

Anonymous 24645

>This movie got away with animal abuse and scenes such as a troon eating actual real life dogshit
KEK this sounds like you're saying that the troon was the animal being abused by making it eat shit
Anyway, yeah it's degenerate troon bestiality scat porn shit. I don't care if it's "ironic" or "intentionally bad", it really isn't good even in an ironic way. Males get away with anything

Anonymous 24647

Because gay man funny makeup haha poopy

Anonymous 24892

"eating real life dog shit" they can lie about that for press attention

Anonymous 24900

The tranny actually did it. It is literally on camera. It is widely known the tranny actually ate the literal dogshit.

Anonymous 24901

It is ugly and vile, and the LGBT movement turned into a cult of the ugly and vile, so they feel like it is an accurate representation of their culture.

Anonymous 24907

Because it was made by a ragtag group of rejects instead of a Hollywood juggernaut and still manages to portray something interesting. Before all the corporations put rainbow logos on their twitters* this was one of the only movies made. It's also considered artistic in the same way a Jackson Pollack painting is, a complete and utter mess.

*except in Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China

Anonymous 24911

Why is ugliness interesting to you?

Anonymous 24918

NTA and while I'm not necessarily talking about this movie (I'm not), why would ugliness not be interesting?

Anonymous 24921

Pure ugliness for the fact that its ugly? Why would it be interesting?
Not everything needs to be beautiful, beauty by itself can be pretty empty and boring. But art that depicts the ugly usually has some sort of depth and message to it. Shallow, empty art can at least have some aesthetic value, which is something the brain is naturally drawn to and programmed to appreciate. Eye candy. But movies like these are an eyesore, and they don't even have any deeper meaning or message. What is the difference between this movie and a steamy turd covered in flies on the sidewalk?

Anonymous 24925

Its pretty obvious it sold tickets on shock value alone. Doesn't require a lot of thought to arrive at that either. Its just like watching horror. Why would you watch something thats nothing but killing ? Why do people go to see the worst thing they can and honestly compete to see how awful a thing they can watch? A lot of horror has a cult following because people like to be removed from normal, they wanted to be tested

Its the same thing.

You have to understand the time period too. This would have had a late night showing, (midnight special). They were popular in the 60s, 70s, 80s. They really started getting extreme in the 70s, thats when things like a clockwork orange took off. This was before the internet, phones, decent video games. The people who watched this were in a way.. A lot more bored than we were, a lot less satiated by the insane things we can see online. These people grew up in the 60s, when everything was tame. Nothing like that had been made yet. It would have genuinely blown them away for better or worse. The people who went to watch this went out to see Eraserhead, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Warriors, a Clockwork Orange to get the same experience. It was basically a craze.

You didn't have the insanity accessible on the internet, we now do now. People are so numb to this kind of thing now but it would have been unthinkable in the 70s. How the conservatives at the time didnt hunt him down and kill him we will never know. There was just a lot of that getting made at the time.

Anyway people watched their insanity at midnight in theatres. Because thats where it happened. Would you have actually allowed yourself to missed out on the first showings of a clockwork orange?? Why do you think people watched CKY and Jackass in the 2000s? Way less thought went into it but its the same thing.

Since it would have aired during a midnight special John Waters knew he could get away with anything, and honestly had every reason to try. So why wouldn't he? He wanted to sell to that insane crowd and he wanted the movie to make an impression. To understand this movie you have to understand the 70s

Anonymous 24927

That's a pretty good explanation of why it was popular, it makes sense. But that doesn't explain the critical acclaim as expressed in OP. Clockwork Orange is not exactly the same thing, is it? It has much more depth. Comparing it to Jackass seems correct, but Jackass is not seen as some iconic work of art, and I doubt it would be seen as appropriate to represent any minority group.

Anonymous 24928

>Clockwork Orange is not exactly the same thing, is it? It has much more depth.
OT but CO is actually lacking a lot of depth compared to the book. In the last chapter the main character realises he is too old to still be doing the same thing and that all of his friends have grown up. The director of the film had an inferior American copy of the book where this had been removed for some reason and it totally lost the whole point of the book. The endings are completely different as the film has him wake up and become the same terrible person again.

Anonymous 24932

Think of it as reality tv or trash streams - people watching it for misery porn and shock value
Like going to see a circus freak
Critical acclaim comes from wealthy clean hipsters watching something like this and praising it for the bravery of fighting the conformity or shit like that

Anonymous 24935

It's just a movie and it's not critically acclaimed. Its not a classic novel that's taught in schools. Stop taking it so seriously and making it so personal when you could be watching whatever you want honestly.

Anonymous 24937

You take it too personally and take it too seriously to let a movie get to you this much.

Anonymous 24938

Clockwork Orange is a classic novel. The use of language is very influential and some of it has even crossed over into use outside the novel, such as droog and moloko. It's not taught in schools because of the violence and has been banned in the past. That doesn't mean that it's not a classic.

Anonymous 24951

I was talking about pink flamingos.

Anonymous 24952

Then why reply to an OT comment only about Clockwork Orange…?

Anonymous 24954

did I do that? my bad

Anonymous 24955

Because it was so freewheeling, modern and costeffective. A lot of filmmakers tried to rehash and copy what he did. It was ahead of its time and it still is. Its even pissing off a little internet image board as we speak :o

Anonymous 24956

Hm? I don't think it was anything like that in my words

Anonymous 24962

I don't know anon, you're the one who seems to be getting your panties in a bunch.

Anonymous 25059

Lol its a movie not Jeffrey Epstein you guys.
If you really want to preach the abuse of chickens don't you have a bone to pick with Tyson?
I take no sides its just a ridiculous film to me. I think real people are usually more deranged than movies. There are more freaks in our own backyards than we can possibly know what to do with, and this movie is making a statement about them. Shock value films have nothing on the Turpin family tbh

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