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Tag yourself Anonymous 24651

I'm Misaki

Anonymous 24652

Anonymous 24653

A mix of Tomoko and Lain.

Anonymous 24654

Oscilating between apathy and hysteria?

Anonymous 24656

What is the top right?

Anonymous 24657

aiko from oyasumi punpun

Anonymous 24658


I raise you.

Anonymous 24659

All moidshit, no thanks.

Anonymous 24669

Yeah, this meme looks like something that'd be posted on /tttt/. Not that OP is a troon.

Anonymous 24670


I like Tomoko and see a bit of myself in her. What I do not like is how much Tomoko got associated with moids and troon /tttt/ culture. Makes me sad. I also wish in the manga they kept it to her being a bit of a loser and still living/enjoying her life than to turn it into some sort of weird yuri dynamic taking away from what it was from the beginning. Maybe it's just me being very paranoid but it feels like it got more moid pandering the more yuri it got.

Anonymous 24674


>Tomoko got associated with moids and troon /tttt/ culture.
I like Tomoko, I even can relate to her, but in a very few things

Anonymous 24675

Kill yourself scrote

Anonymous 24676

4chan moids like her because she's their idea of uwu tfw no degenerate smelly neet just like me gf etc. As for troons, I've never been on /tttt/ but trans tend to be pretty disgusting so I can see them being attracted to Tomoko obviously.

Anonymous 24677

NTA but troons are not just attracted to Tomoko, they project onto her because they are AGPs. They think that if they became women, they would look "cute" and gloomy like her.

Anonymous 24682


Definitely Lain with a bit of Aiko mixed in.

Anonymous 26079

tomoko, I hate myself so much why did I do this

Anonymous 26085

literally OBSESSED with trannies and men

Anonymous 26198

Someone compared me to Tomoko when I was 19. He wasn’t trying to be mean, but it convinced me to turn my life around lmao.

Anonymous 26203


For me, it's Crona. I relate to her mostly because of her hard family issues and because of her inability to normally talk with others - and many more reasons.

Anonymous 26208

what anime

Anonymous 26210

Hahahahahahah they wish

Anonymous 26213


It is an manga and an anime - Soul Eater. But I have to warn you that she has a giant demon conjoined to her and fused with her blood and he's a big jerk that bullies her all the time. There are some scenes where he (his name is Ragnarok) pulls on her clothing to flash her infront of people, some people said these scenes made them uncomfortable. Also I recommend you read the manga, but believe me being a fan of this character has brought me nothing but suffering because even if the manga has a happy ending she's the only character that continues to suffer because she sacrificed herself to seal off the enemy on the moon which also trapped her in there.

Anonymous 26215


Also Soul Eater has fanservice in it's first episodes (but the fanservice stops when the story progresses). Also the main character Maka is really black-pilled of men because of her non-stop cheating father.
Also there are some scenes where Ragnarok is actally a good character when he doesn't bully Crona.
Soul Eater is my most favourite manga/anime and I hold it very dearly to my heart no matter it's flaws.

Anonymous 26216

I've always read Crona as more of a boy but the gender ambiguity is interesting.

Anonymous 26217


I personally think she's a girl because of some manga panels she's in like this one:

Anonymous 26218


And this one:

Anonymous 26219


But even if that's the case I've seen some anons on 4chan say that maybe Crona's an eunich (a castrated male) because she got really mad when Black*Star asked if she had the "thrird weapon down there" but I don't think that the case, I think that she got mad only because Ragnarok pulled on her robe to expose her.
They said their theory is that Medusa (Crona's mother) castrated her son and forced him to wear feminine clothing to speed-up the process of him going insane and turning into a kishin faster.
Still to me, Crona's definitely a girl.

Anonymous 26220

That's at the end of chapter 60
and this one's >>26218 from chapter 68.

Anonymous 26310

i wanted to be lain but i'm too emotionally unstable and i'm probably more like tomoko except that i'm not as skinny and thus have no value

Anonymous 26323

Lain technically develops multiple personalities. Which one is it referring to exactly?

Anonymous 26327


Anonymous 26335

Aiko was so much more interesting than punpun. Why was he the main character? Who gives a shit about another run of the mill emotionally stunted man? Aiko went through way worse shit than him and yet she didn't turn into a giant asshole.

Anonymous 26347

bottom 2 have been hijacked by trannies and are no longer cool.

Anonymous 26485

ha pretty accurate to irl trannies

Anonymous 26486

Wrong, they are still cool and belong to real women

Anonymous 26962

I relate to both Punpun and Aiko

Anonymous 26964

>I think that she got mad only because Ragnarok pulled on her robe to expose her.
I mean who wouldn't, damn scrote weapon not knowing personal boundaries.

Anonymous 27239

man, i really fucking wish the disgusting tranny scrotes didn't latch onto tomoko and lain like they have.

Anonymous 27240

its over. move on. whatever helps us differentiate from them is good, thats why tomoko and lain are DEAD to me now I grew the fuck up. I haven't even watched anime in years now.

Anonymous 27247


>no Daria

Anonymous 27256

Aiko tbh

Anonymous 27260


Anonymous 27263


Start listing off characters you love and/or are "literally you".

I wanna try and recreate this image with better (and more) options.

Anonymous 27288



[spoiler] Sucy, really.

Anonymous 27289



Anonymous 27291


in a similar vein…….. yes

Anonymous 27292


Anonymous 27298


Anonymous 27304

You're just jealous of our sisterhood

Anonymous 27309

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