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Games playable in browser Anonymous 24716

Hi /media/! What are some games that are playable in a browser like chrome/don't require downloading anything? Asking because I've gotten all my devices taken away except my school chromebook.

Looking for mostly story-based games and RPG-maker type stuff but anything is fine!

Picrel is Keiji from Kimi Ga Shine/Your Turn To Die made by Nankidai and translated by vgperson. link here: https://vgperson.com/games/yourturntodie.htm

Anonymous 24721

I think you can search for various online emulators for retro consoles or dos
As for the story-based games played in a browser… from the top of my head I can only remember the degen retro eroge archive: asenheim org
As for the technically-not-games, I like aidungeon: text based adventure using AI learning

Anonymous 24723

romance is dead.jp…


here you go, OP:

i've only played one game from this site, but i think all the others should work in your browser.

Anonymous 24724

also, if you like text based games, then you might like this site.


Anonymous 24725

This is an 18+ website kid. Go focus on fixing whatever got you grounded in the first place instead of playing games.

Anonymous 24727


Thank you so much!

Anonymous 24743

Web-based visual novels in English:
You can play with the tags to find something more specfic. Also note that not all of these are still available, and some are just text translations posted somewhere.

>I think you can search for various online emulators for retro consoles or dos
I was going to suggest this. Seconding.

Anonymous 24744

this is the first time in my 22 years of life i found out you can play rpgs like this on a browser kek… see you in 64 hours

Anonymous 25077

You can find a bunch of them for free on Itchio. Like a metric ton of dating sims, platformers, that kinda thing.

Anonymous 25083

Anonymous 25174

You said anything is fine so
I used to love playing this game so much.

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