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Do you think it's good, or is it just dudes hyping it up? Anonymous 24823

Sometimes dudes on the internet hype up something so much as totally awesome, and then you watch it, and it's not bad, but it's alright. Not as totally awesome as you expect it, but you realise the dudes are hyping it up because it appeals to their audience demographic. (or sometimes they overlook blatant misogyny in that piece of media.)

e.g. for me, one example was the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I don't really remember any blatantly bad elements, but reddit dudes hyped it up as life-changing, and I found it to be an average film. probably appealed to the older dudes with a mid-life crisis demographic on reddit, which is why they liked it so much.

I'm thinking of possibly watching the new Top Gun this weekend. I'm hearing positive press for it, but at the same time, is it just these American dudes hyping it up, or did you also find it to be legit fun? I've never seen the first Top Gun.

Anonymous 24827

Go on IMDB and look at the breakdown of male and female voters.

Anonymous 24830

>dudes on the internet
You mean marketing agencies?
>I'm thinking of possibly watching the new Top Gun
How can you fall for it? This is the yearly US Army sponsored blockbuster AND a sequel. You have two sure signs it's going to be shite.

Anonymous 24832

It's dudes hyping up Morbius with their awful morbin time meme.

Anonymous 24840

top gun is just establishment pro-war propaganda lol its USA USA USA USA! Watch it if you want. It's that kind of movie you won't take anything meaningful from it but its a good movie to watch with friends.

Anonymous 24842

i thought that was a shitpost to make fun of the movie?

Anonymous 24856

jon in kinda hot in that scene
Not OP but wow I didn't know you could do that. Thanks. It's probably gonna be pretty useful.
I wonder if other sites have a similar feature? But if they're anime-related they're probably gonna have a lot of "female" (tranny) users.

Anonymous 24872

it is

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