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Soul Calibur Anonymous 24988

Do you like this game series? I had hundreds of hours of fun with these games. Who was your main? Pic rel for me.

Anonymous 24996


The Greek one.
Loved her knives/cutlasses.

Anonymous 25034


Anonymous 25035

I played the second one the most and I loved lizard man

Anonymous 25043

I never played it, but growing up as a bit of a Nintendrone kid, I thought it was super duper cool that Link was in the GameCube version of the second game and seeing images of it online made me want to play it lol

Anonymous 25046


Unironically, I had a huge crush on Yoshimitsu back in the day. Can’t really explain why though, probably the mask I guess. I played Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast so much that I unlocked the “customize the opening intro” feature and swapped out Voldo with Sophitia doing her whole “anime sweeping her hair back in the flower field” thing.

Anonymous 25298

None of the games hit the peak that was SC2, but I still enjoyed 6 and even 5. I main Talim.
I started with SC2 on GC because of link in all honesty, and I don't regret it at all, had a blast. Nintendo would never do that shit these days with Link.

Anonymous 25775

sophitias dress.jp…

Used to play a lot of SC2. didn't really have a main though. I really love sophitias dress though, its quite cute.

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