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popular media Anonymous 25360

Is there any media you're watching, reading, or listening to because it's trending on social media?

Anonymous 25363

I feel like “this is trending” on social media doesn’t mean much the trends are so short lived and you have so many things happening at once. Usually im a bit late to the party as well
That being said I watched Arcane because of all the praise it was receiving I didn’t think it would be good and I was glad to be wrong.
I remember watching stranger things season 1 because if the hype as well but I never followed up with the later seasons. I bought valheim because of the hype and my friends also bought it but all of them dropped the game and I plan on playing it on my own. I’m also thinking of playing genshin mostly because of my friends as well, I stayed away from the game for really dumb reasons.
>a book trending on social media
That era is long gone.

Anonymous 25370

I don't have social media

Anonymous 25384

Anonymous 25385

I watched Villainous, Arcane, and Kid Cosmos because /co/ told me they were good.

Only Villainous was good, but holy shit, it's the first western cartoon I've seen in a while that was actually well-animated, not just funny.

Anonymous 25386

You obviously weren't aware of the reddit-wide Dracula reading last month.

Anonymous 25388

I saw a lot of dracula memes on tumblr but didn't understand where it came from. Didn't see anything about dracula on reddit tbh.

Anonymous 25389

I can't describe it as a joke, closer to a meme. It became a meme to read Dracula, and then actively talk about it on social media as if it were a current show you were watching.
>Dracula be all like "I am completely normal an unassuming noble man" while never eating anything and living in the dark
Stuff like that. I'm not saying everyone and their mother got in on it, but it's a recent example.

50 Shades of Grey is an older similar explosion on social media, despite your misgivings on it as a subject.

Anonymous 25391

Oh that makes so much more sense thank you.
50 shades of greg feels ancient it’s part of a dead era.
I see a lot more “i miss reading books/haha I destroyed my attention span, can’t read books now” posts then anything nowadays

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