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Book Recommendations For Adulting And Being Smarter Anonymous 25418

Can we get some book recommendations for recovering hiki-neets that are trying to adult and be overall more intelligent? Some people online recently called me an idiot and I am pretty insecure about my low intelligence.

Recently, I'm really bothered that I have basically 0 knowledge on topics like insurance, politics, cars, home maintenance, financial - especially budgeting and taxes, etc. I want to know everything needed to be a competent, true adult.

Anonymous 25419

You Can Heal your Life - Louise Hay
Literally anything by Jung
Meditations - Marcus Auralius

Anonymous 25421

>Some people online recently called me an idiot
I need to know more. What did you say that made them call you an idiot?

Anonymous 25423

Khan Academy (and its popular YouTube channel) might have some info that you could use. its all general knowledge (very useful stuff)

Anonymous 25425

r/personalfinance Wiki for finance.
Otherwise, get into the habit of researching everything you don't know. It has to become a second nature.
It does get better, but it takes time. Hang in there.

Anonymous 25430


I joined a private torrent site and misunderstood something about the rules. I know what the difference bewteen a CD rip and WEB download is, just thought that according to the rules I should still be labeling my uploads taken from other torrents as WEB. A mod gave me a warning about it, even after it was fixed and I stopped doing it, as well as warning about something else that I found unfair.

I went on Reddit to complain about it and a bunch of moids jumped on me, saying I'm an idiot, that I lack reading comprehension, that my uploads must be shit, etc. Lol.

Anonymous 25431


Thanks. I practically feel like a bumbling idiot when I hear with what ease most people around me can talk about this kind of stuff with. It's another reason I'm quiet. Because I'm afraid if I open my mouth too much I will be exposed for how stupid I am.

Anonymous 25437


Avoiding saying idiotic things is a good thing, a lot of people don't have that concern. Having control over one's tongue is a rare quality. Being afraid of what other people think is a problem though.

Anonymous 25439

My advice would be first to learn how to learn. This meaning learn how and where to look for specific information and to scrutinize it. For example financial information is filled with pitfalls because people are trying to run scams all the time. So take everything around it with a grain of salt. Things like taxes usually are pretty easy to find but tough to absorb, at least for me. Since it entails a lot of arbitrary bureaucracy

Anonymous 25450

Life is short. Only bother learning what you need at the moment, and what you're interested in. It seems like most people have a wide range of intelligence, but you're likely speaking to many people each with an area they specialize in.

Anonymous 25467

First off you're not dumb it's just most people don't talk about these topics at all, look what what's discussed online so much energy wasted over meaningless and vapid drama that consumes your mind and leaves you with brainrot. Don't feel bad at all and don't let internet strangers get to you.

I think you should look into personal budgeting or personal finance.
I heard that "a random walk down wallstreet" get's a lot of praise and gives people a good insight into investing but that might be too overwhelming to start with.
There's a "personal finance for dummies" and "managing your money for dummies" books which should be approachable for anyone.

I'm not sure what you want to learn when it comes to taxes that's a really broad topic. Do you want to learn about them from an economic theory pov or an accounting pov? There's this book I found called "Taxes Made Simple"* as well as Taxes for dummies
Investopedia is your best friend when it comes to finance and if you want more info you could look at freshmen books for business, finance, accounting, and economics pair it up with youtube videos.

Websites like pdfcoffee and libgen are great for finding books.

I hope those help for now.

That subreddit is known for it's awful advice, don't rely on them for it but there's no harm in reading their wiki.

mikeole jaksun 25483

I can relate. I don't know any books, but Id recommend trying to use the internet less and setting up screentime or blocking distracting websites. This is what i have been trying so im not wasting away my young adulthood on online crap and instead focus on learning.

Anonymous 25485

Does anyone else get a kill it with fire feeling when they see characters from Kanon/Air/Clannad? They just look so weird with their giant walleyes. It's disturbing

Anonymous 25487



I do like to psychoanalyze almost every thing I say in my social interactions. When I get too comfortable in one however, then I feel I start to lose too much control over what I say. I've had friends I've joked around with before stop talking to me several times because I didn't know when to stop. To this day it's hard for me to understand how to strike a balance. Am I just too autistic to understand at this point? I'd also like to know because I am in a corporate environment now and it feels like even more of a minefield in some ways.


>I'm not sure what you want to learn when it comes to taxes that's a really broad topic. Do you want to learn about them from an economic theory pov or an accounting pov? There's this book I found called "Taxes Made Simple"* as well as Taxes for dummies

Yeah, just very basic, intro-level things that will be enough to not make me look like a moron when talking about them. My family never bothered to teach me basic finances, so I've been left pretty much on my own and now I feel like I am behind most of my peers in that knowledge. Especially with finances.


You think that's bad? You should see 2002 Kanon.

Anonymous 25542

Just here to say I can relate. It sucks. I have a speech disability so I spoke in grunts and tongues until I was 12 and my life has unfolded the way you'd expect it to. At first I thought I was ok…I got but I've slowly realized that I'm probably irrevocably damaged and I was coping by ever thinking I wasn't.

Hell–I thought I was passable at writing…but just the other day someone said I sounded like a retarded zoomer (I am older than that) when I was begging for help about an abusive and violent family member. It was so abrupt, yet encapsulated how I can't even do the simplest thing right…I can't even ask for help right, for fuck's sake!

Still trying to work on how I am incapable of intelligent thought but knowing that I will always be behind and not enough because I am "retarded" is the ultimate demotivator.

Anonymous 25668


>To this day it's hard for me to understand how to strike a balance.
Social interactions are good at correcting errors. Meaning making error (going too far, or not far enough) is not a bug, it's a feature. Corrective measures (such as making sure your joke wasn't offensive afterwards) are part of the interaction; they show you care, and they give an opportunity to the other party to show they care by reassuring you. It's also an opportunity for both of you to make sure you share the same social rules. Believe it or not, these are strengthening moments in a relationship. Obviously, it can't happen every hour of the day, but it is not an error, a problem. It's just a hiccup on the road, and everyone is driving Jeeps.
Do not overinterpret what other people think or say and do not give that much power over you to people's opinions. Especially if you're coming from an abusive background: you tend to hang around other abusive idiots and not seeing it (yet). I mean, what kind of asshole would criticize the style of a message asking for help?

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