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Dark/Unhinged Vocaloid Music Anonymous 25426

hey all, im looking for your favorite insane, dark vocaloid songs. it doesnt have to be all gore or shit like that, even heavy metal with slightly dark themes is fine. i'll go first:

This song technically isn't Vocaloid since it doesn't use a Vocaloid voice bank, but nonetheless it's enjoyable and unique. The art in the MV perfectly complements the dark theme of bullying and being an outcast. The crunchy but addictive electronic chords in the beginning make me feel something so angsty.

Anonymous 25427

OP here, gonna add another recommendation to show more of what i mean. awesome song by MARETU.

Anonymous 25434

literally everything from kikuo

Anonymous 25436

Yes. I'm amazed by the variety and intricate nature of Kikuo's work. It's beautiful.

Anonymous 25438

It's not a vocloid. and it might not be quite right thematically. Oh well.

Anonymous 25442

you might like the two kikuohana albums, their collab with hanatan. her vocals do absolute wonders with kikuo's mastering and focus a lot more on sort of distorted and unnerving sounds, especially the opening and intermission bits.

Anonymous 25466

I have not listened the second KikouHana album yet, but the first one is great. I wanted to buy a physical copy, but it was about 95 dollars.

I loved the Ikitama album as well.

Anonymous 25675

Hope you enjoy this one.

Anonymous 26395

Good producers: SOOOO, hikkie-p, muship
I really like vocal synths, their vocals allow for unique sounds and lend themselves well to alienating and unsettling music

Anonymous 26396

My favorite

Anonymous 26398

japanoise band hijokaidan + miku

Anonymous 26400

Oh man I hate this

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