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wing chun movie 19…

Movies & TV shows that aren't triggering Anonymous 25492

What are your favorite movies and tv shows that center around female characters or include them as main cast, don't have stories progressed by rape/male violence, and pass the Bechdel test?

Pic related is one of my favorite martial arts movies Wing Chun, it's campy but super wholesome

Some of my other favorites:
>Legend of Korra (cartoon)
>Vampire Princess Miyu (anime)
>Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 (sitcom)

The last one was not at all what I expected it to be going into the series, it has a rare kind of onscreen female friendship that's mostly wacky fun and very little drama


Every time I watch a Hollywood movie there’s always some weird disturbing monologue, pedo shit or the main character saying nigger a bunch of times. I hate mainstream media so much.

Anonymous 25495

Legend of Korra sucks ass cheeks, why not recommend ATLA?

Anonymous 25496


Another Period is also a show I really enjoyed. It was essentially a de-romanticized Downtown Abbey shot in the mockumentary format, so it shows the heiresses drinking arsenic to stay thin and the servants lugging buckets of feces from the bathrooms


Me too, like 99.999% of the time. That's why I think a dedicated thread is a good idea


I felt the same way the first time I watched through Korra (the first season is not great), but over time I came to love it just as much as ATLA

Anonymous 25499


I loved Another Period. It was too good. I'd also suggest Garfunkel and Oates!

Anonymous 25500


Anonymous 25501

Wouldn’t you find the Legend of Korra triggering? I remember some people describing it as “trauma porn” at some point because of what was happening to Korra.

I recommend Madoka Magica and Little Witch Academia I think they fit your description.

Anonymous 25511

>the Bechdel test
are there people who still use this? because tbh it seems pretty dumb and arbitrary. i mean, lesbian porn made specifically for men can pass the test whereas a hypothetical piece of media focusing on relationships between men and women, even when written from an explicitly feminist perspective, can fail it.

Anonymous 25518


Kiki's Delivery Service.

Obviously it's children's movie, but I've always loved it. The English dubs are both bad, and the first one realy messes up the story.

Anonymous 25520

The "bad" dub is actually my preferred version. It's the first version I saw. For some reason I only watched the first half of the movie the first few times that I saw it so I got the wrong idea that the movie was more about Kiki/Jiji and their relationship and being happy in near solitude. Kiki talks to Jiji and she's friendly with others but she still spends a lot of time alone with Jiji and is content that way.

However the Japanese original version is about growing up and Kiki out growing Jiji. I find the boy, whatever his name is, pretty annoying and I like that the bad dub hints that Kiki and Jiji go back to how things were before. I do understand Japanese but I still watch the bad dub every time.

It's sad because there aren't many films about girls/women being happy being alone. Now whenever I watch the movie, I skip the boy parts and pretend the movie is still about being happy and living a full life as a loner.

Anonymous 25522


Ever After is such an underrated movie. I really love that Drew Barrymore's character is so rich and deep, and her love interest is 2-dimensional eye candy whose story revolves around her. The effort they put into historical accuracy for setting it in 1500s France

I remember watching this at a slumber party in middle school, I'm way overdue for a rewatch. All of Miyazaki's films are so cozy

I never found Korra triggering because she was still never experiencing misogyny. She went through brutal experiences but they were never happening to her because she was a woman

The Bechdel test isn't a 100% failsafe test of feminist purity, but it's a good bare-minimum measurement. I'm not willing to watch anything that passes the Bechdel Test, but I have little interest in watching something that doesn't (there are exceptions - I fucking LOVED The Lighthouse)

Anonymous 25523

I find Kiki's depression to be one of the things I admire in the film. She feels so oddly real for a cartoon character.

Anonymous 25532

I recommended it since OP mentioned the legend of korra which she doesn’t find triggering.
Madoka can be messed up but triggering? It’s so steeped in fantasy and doesn’t mirror real life.
I meant that some people felt the directors went out of their way to portray the violence inflected on Korra in such an over the top way which was never shown before towards any other character especially with the air bender anarchist guy.

Anonymous 25537


Orphan Black. If you like mystery and biology/genetics, I highly recommend to give it a watch.

The show follows a group of women who discover that they are clones and subsequently try to uncover the many secrets surrounding their origins. Besides the overarching mystery, the protagonists all have their own stories and character arcs. Without spoiling anything, the diversity of female characters and stories in Orphan Black is not matched by any other show I have seen so far.
Another nice thing to note is that the writers really tried to make the scientific aspect of the plot as accurate as possible. The technobabble is mostly believable and the scientist characters do not make you cringe to death whenever they open their mouth.

I don't know what you consider triggering, but to give you a fair warning, there are depictions of suicide, (religious) abuse and self-harm in the show. These things are never glorified though, and the abusers all get what they deserve eventually.
There is a strong emphasis on sisterhood, identity and personal growth throughout the entire show, against a cast of mostly male villains who are united by their desire to control and subjugate the protagonists. The main characters ultimately succeed by sticking together and using their collective strengths in clever ways.
As someone who has seen a lot of sci-fi and mystery shows, Orphan Black always stuck out to me for its more female perspective.

Anonymous 25651


yuru camp. so comfy and cute

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