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male hypocrisy: an exemple Anonymous 25682

sometimes here i've been told by other nonas that "women can say or do worse than men" when it comes to the image we have of the other sex.

ofc, some women rape and kill, some women will say horrible things on the internet.

i think that we do not understand how big the difference is on the large scale. some anonymous women may be as vulgar and sexist as men on the internet, yes, but it's more out of defense than out of natural, pure hatred of the other sex. its only recent that i've started to applaud when horrible things may happen to men, or encourage women to do so, on the internet. tbh i don't even really believe it, i've only started doing it to mimic men's behaviour because i now know its useless to try to be the pacifist in the debate. i believe many women do it out of provocation or mimicking only and that they did it mostly because of men's behaviour they noticed.

now, i'd like to give an exemple : the "artist" JM. Picrel is a screenshot of something he wrote in one of his porn comics.

The thing is, he draws women. Basically the lore in his comics is that the world is pretty much worse than the handmaid's tale (not a big fan of this reference but its a good way to give a comparison point) : he depicts women as sex slaves, being tortured and used like cattle. i cant actually describe it myself so i will transcribe a paragraph, because he likes to explain the different roles women can have in the society he depicts and fantasizes about:
there's how he describes the trustee, an amputee woman
"Imperial weddings were usually held in churches of the Church of the Holy Woman. At the wedding, the church will send a special kind of slave called a holy saint to carry the groom's genitals like a guide leading the man forward. In this way, the saintess shows awe and surrender to men. Every entrusted person must remain of virgin body. Every nun keeps her own trustee. If you go to bed with a nun, you will find that the nuns have complicated rituals for sex. She will gently place the dick on the trustee's back, and then kneel and pray to your dick, praying that sex can resolve her sin as a woman."
the image shows an amputee woman walking with some kind of chair's legs attached to her cut members. she's walking with an enormous penis on her back and has a cow's bell hanging from her pierced nose. her eyes are shot down, sewn. her nipples are pierced.

there are many many artists like this. erenisch for another exemple. many men read these, pay for that, fantasize about this. im sorry but it doesnt happen as much from women to write stories about a society where men are treated this violent and draw them with so many details compared to men. and i didnt write about the "areola sculpture", women in his story have their areolas knife-carved for their wedding.
yet he dares to say "respect wooman". how many women do you see with this kind of violent hypocrisy? the worse ive seen is the reverse, women saying kill all men yet selling their bodies to them or sucking their cocks all the time, servicing them like good slaves.

Anonymous 25683

tl;dr we do not dehumanize men as much as they dehumanize us. the worse men complain about women is us "treating them like wallets" despite the fact its them who decided to be "the ones in charge and the bread winner" then are surprised of the few women who choose the gold digging way

Anonymous 25684


i will not show the hardcore drawings but here's some other texts.

Anonymous 25685


the drawing shows women in trash. their bodies are whipped, insults knife carved on them, bdsm shoes, enormous objects inserted in their vaginas, etc.

Anonymous 25686


this time i show the whole drawing !!!!, but i censored it. (the areolas are knife carved like i explained btw)

Anonymous 25687

btw im sorry for the language english is not my first language and i wrote that fast without re-reading and i just noticed all the mistakes i've made. i hope its alright to read still.

Anonymous 25688


DO NOT submit to moid trolls who use female murderers as an example that ”womyn can be bad too!!” Males kill for pleasure, women kill for justice.

Anonymous 25689

the first line really explains everything tho: women are entertainment. he doesn't even realize how much he contradicts himself in only a few sentences. probably wrote that only to make himself look better. he says that but imagine what he must think about of every woman he crosses in his daily life. even a pregnant woman is porn for him, how can he say he knows what respect is?

Anonymous 25690

Yes, but really I think it was women this time bc I was talking about the horrible things males say and think about women and these girls would reply just look in this forum for exemple etc women say horrible stuff too and they just did not understand it was NOT the same, and NOT for the same reasons. women vent. women may hate men because of the way they've been treated by them. men actually despise us even if they have good women around them. men literally shoot people just because women don't give them enough attention.

Anonymous 25691

so this thread basically is me aiming to show other girls how far it can go in a male brain. how wrong, how vile, how dangerous it can become for a woman. i'm still waiting for women to be AS VIOLENT just VIRTUALLY towards men and AS FREQUENTLY as men.

Anonymous 25692

and one more thing: yes, not all men do it. what im saying is, it happens more from men, very much more, than it happens from women. and no matter the country, the culture, the religion, no matter where. it happens a lot. and when the law enables it, life becomes torture for women on a daily basis. sometime's its really just that, men are restrained. but every time a war happens? all these good men you know may become rapists. THATS IT.

Anonymous 25693

and they LITERALLY admit it all the time. all the men who try to reconnect with "what being a man means" go one way: they think being a man is forcing others to bend to them, calling women replaceable, forcing women to be their slave, to be mansluts but slut shame women, basically being a prick.

countless accounts of random men who dont go as far as this "artist" does, but still, its just a vanilla version.

male violence is diverse. it can be just shaming women for existing on the internet,forcing their wives to have sex with them by shaming them for not "doing their job", encourage legal rape, fucking sexdolls, or serial rapists and killers. its diverse and more or less vanilla. thats it

Anonymous 25694

There is a similar story written by moids on the 4chan /d/ board. I won't link to it, you can easily find it there should you be interested. I sometimes lurk there to remind myself of the extent male depravity can reach.

Anonymous 25695

tis but a scratch.…

There comes a point where a piece of media is so insanely over the top and unrealistic with its depictions of violence and abuse that it doesn't really screw with people's heads since they know it's complete nonsense, and what you posted is way past that point. Monty Python talked about this with Holy Grail, they presented the cartoonishly violent "black knight" scene to a Vietnam-era cosmopolitan audience that was very sensitive to violence. At first the room was totally silent but after the second or third severed limb they realized it was okay to laugh at violence if it was that far removed from reality.

There obviously are a few nutballs out there who can't understand the context of this, but it can be assumed that they would find a way to go insane anyway.

Anonymous 25696

This is just poorly written lmao

Anonymous 25698

True, but tbh I can't even laugh at this because he did so many comics like that and he always finds new stories and ideas to go further in his depiction of female slaves.

I voluntarily chose the most caricatural, vile male brain I could use as an exemple tho as I explained. Because for him it's a serious thing. He does this seriously. It's not some funny movie made to laugh at violence, his stuff is made to be masturbated to

Monty Python is cool btw

Anonymous 25699

Definitely yeah but what should we expect from a coomer brain

Anonymous 25700

Masturbation material is definitely a different animal but I think it should be seen as more of a "grey area"

Anonymous 25731


Anonymous 25732


Anonymous 25733

The horror just never stops with him. And he keeps having these pages where he says love and respect women. It's like those male feminists who are also rapists

Anonymous 25734

Men are so irrational it's hurting my brain. Violence and sex are the two things who keep them going. The random man who doesn't have the means to rape and torture women as a hobby without having to take responsibility for it just finds softer ways to do it: kinky sex with gf who wants to please her beloved even if it means she has to be degraded and violated.

Anonymous 25736

> their bodies are whipped, insults knife carved on them, bdsm shoes, enormous objects inserted in their vaginas,
An awful lot of men have those fetishes, it's not just some weird hentai artists you happen to stumble upon, just reminding.

Anonymous 25737

Yeah, stuff like this is pretty laughable, it's worse seeing moids preying upon real women/girls.
I would be willing to bet though that most men would prefer this fantasy to be real, than for matriarchy to happen, even if it would benefit humanity as a whole more

Anonymous 25741

It really is but honestly do you think the men who read this kind of stuff do not behave strangely, creepily and as predators towards women? I mean a lot of them may be just losers but some may actually seem like normal people at first impression.

Again I know I've taken a very caricatural exemple but first it was because I wanted to reply to the question I talked about in the beggining : how far the imagination can go when it comes to insulting the other sex. Again, I've never seen as many women as men imagine such sick scenarios that degrade the opposite sex like men do.

This exemple is particularly caricatural because it is also illustrated. But the scenarios itself are more common than we think. As much as I insult men nowadays and sometimes laugh at the bad things that may happen to some, I've never imagined myself torturing a man. Never.

Also whipping in porn is always represented as just some painful experience but in real life it can be FATAL. The pain is unbearable. We're so used to it thanks to the imaginary in medias that we sometimes don't realize how much it is a cruel thing, yet it's so common in BDSM for exemple

Anonymous 25748

There are different kinds of whipping, and the kind that actually kills people is pretty much extinct. Even countries that sentence criminals to 'lashes' usually do it in this light manner that is mostly meant symbolically.

Anonymous 25749

Well yeah ofc otherwise that would mean killing people to make porn on a daily basis.

But it doesn't change the fact that it's a cruel thing that we made vanilla so it's more acceptable. Not as painful and fatal as it used to be ofc

Anonymous 25750

Isn't it more that it's erotica and there's more of a separation from reality?

Also, acting like OP is the same as satire and it's insane to feel otherwise is a bit…weird.

Anonymous 25751

sry didn't understand what you meant at the end (from "acting like op………")

Anonymous 25752

Just in case JM is not doing satire, he's very active and there is tons of his comics on porn and hentai sites. You don't just draw porn and create insane scenarios like that without any element of satire to make satire. It's all very serious and cruel.

The thing is, the dissociation from reality is still a trap. There's no "the man is not the artist". Both have the same brain.

Also yes of course it doesn't mean the men who read this rape women in their free time, I only wanted to make a point about how much men view women differently and more sexually and with more violence than women do with men and I wanted to link that to their hypocrisy in general towards women, because yes even if there is a dissociation it is hypocritical to say women should not care about these things, it's like porn in general, yes sorry I care because these things influence people in the long term and have consequences. These things contribute to our porn addictive society, which harms women. I don't care if I'm not actually being whipped on a daily basis by some dude who calls me inferior with his fat hairy ass, I don't want a man who will tell me I should not worry because he loves me and kisses men and then who jacks off to women having their nipples carved with a knife for their wedding ten minutes later. I don't want that. No woman should be happy with that.

I don't watch men being tortured and raped to make me horny so no I do not want men to fantasize about these things either because that is not respect like they pretend to. For them respecting us means not actually doing it to us rather than just stopping being coomer brains

Anonymous 25753

Sorry that I write so much ig i must seem completely off meds (I don't take any just a form of speaking)

I just feel really misunderstood and I try too hard to explain myself. I hope it's a bit more clear but I doubt it… I'll try to make that last post my last rant before I start seeming just crazy. Thanks anyway I hope at least one person does get what I mean

Anonymous 25754

Adults like to whack each other's butts, get over it.

Anonymous 25755

I was not saying it was satire. Not all over-the-top fantasies are satire, some of them are just stupid.

Anonymous 25756

Not the main point so idc it doesn't occupy my thoughts that much but sure

Anonymous 25760

O, sorry, I suck at writing these days.
What I mean is that I think this creepy, borderline misogynistic erotica is a lot different than Monty Python. That anon insinuating "well, everyone that's sane knows fantasy is different than reality" in that context is off-base. Not every outrageous piece of fiction is the same.

Anonymous 25761

And yeah I said what I said because I've usually seen this exact same talking point from men trying to shrug off pedophiliac fiction. They find it hard to just accept something is shady; they usually want to make it into something completely retarded and insane for anyone to judge someones' consumption of it.

Anonymous 25762

Oh okay I get you. Thanks for these comments I feel less insane being angry about this stuff

Anonymous 25855

What's your problem with non-white women?
The only thing dangerous are men, no matter the race.

Anonymous 25859

Jesus anon, i can't even finish reading all that! I feel so scared for all the women this disgusting bastard knows in his life, god forbid he ever manages to find a partner, this is vile in the most unimaginable way possible! Oh my god

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