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Vaporwave Thread Anonymous 25701

Vaporwaves dead so post some media you fools

Anonymous 25702

Anonymous 25703

Anonymous 25704

Anonymous 25707

There was on old thread

I still just like naturewave/dreamwave, and get annoyed when it's just slowed down smooth jazz, especially when I can recognize the original.

Anonymous 25710

My dad listend to smooth jazz radio in the car when I was a kid, I actually really like Paul Hardcastle.

Anonymous 25719

I love it because it's nostalgic sounding to me. Thing is I really can't place where I heard tracks like this I just remember them in department stores, games, movies, Tv, the weather channel… I know no other way to rexperience this.

Anonymous 25721

So did mine btw, but I mostly remember being sick of it. It was a little different than what I heard in the mall. Now it's a completely different story. It's so peaceful compared to the garbage we are bombarded with now 24/7

Anonymous 25722


Plaza.one still gets a ton of views, and Vaporwave still kinda continues its influence in a lot of pixel art places. I dont think its dead

Anonymous 25723

When I had a rough time in high school I would always sink into vaporwave tracks and it'd always bring me back to my childhood and calm me. Good times.

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