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Warhammer Anonymous 25781

>do you like warhammer?
>fantasy or 40k?
>favourite faction?

Anonymous 25782

The post like a moid thread is this way:

Anonymous 25783


Should probably do my own.
>Vampire counts

hey plenty of girls like warhammer. I know I do.

Anonymous 26770



anyway, i recently read Requiem Infernal by Fevervari and it's got a ton of decent women characters and focuses on a female-only part of the ecclesiarchy (adeptas sororitas). highly recommend a read through it if you like grimdarkness, lovecraftian horror, surrealism and enjoy a well-written book (loved the sentence structure and the MASSIVE lexicon used). also doesn't require autistic-level of knowledge about the lore, so i appreciated that.

Anonymous 26771

There was already a tabletop gaming thread.

Anonymous 26781

why she got the saints row symbol?

Anonymous 26800

Anonymous 26830

Warhammer is evil and disgusting.

Anonymous 26831

Elaborate? Or are you just shit stirring cause youre bored.

Anonymous 26833

I used to like High Elves, their style was very cute and ethereal!

Anonymous 26852

Misantropic nihilism.

Also it stole nearly all its ideas from superior contructed worlds without any deeper understanding.

Anonymous 26878

that's kind of the POINT. Total hopeless grimdarkness. There is only war. There are no good endings.
Best you can do is hope to die a hero. Despite that, stories are high-stake and this encourages heroism and very committed characters shine brightly.

fuck Games Workshop and the actual community though. I just like the setting.

Anonymous 26978

They really did take most of their ideas from other settings, but it's hard to be original with fantasy while keeping the elements everyone likes. The Warhammer Fantasy setting is way less nihilistic than 40k.
I disagree that the stories are high stakes, at least in 40k. Fantasy has a smaller setting with more easily remembered geography, so you can fairly intuitively judge whether or not an event is significant by how close it is to big, important places. Skaven in Tilea isn't abnormal but Skaven infesting northern Bretonnia is.

Anonymous 26979

Whatever it stole it butchered. Ogres in Warhammer have enslaved Gnobblars running around and they just sorta are there for them. Their source material called the Uz also have enslaved stunted freaks called Enlo running around but there’s a lot more shameful history to why is it that way.

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