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Anonymous 25789

Attack on Titan season 3 and 4 are so stupid.

Every single episode is just 10 minutes of exposition dump followed by Eren being moody and whining about some shit. The storyline becomes so convoluted it’s virtually impossible to truly follow on one watch-through: what’s the significance of the Tybur’s again? Why was helping the people of paradis understand the true nature of their government not an option? Are the eldians supposed to be Jews or something?

The second season was so strong and ended on such a strong note. Titans in the walls? The idea is alluring as fuck, what a cliff hanger. Then season 3 hit and was such a disappointment, then season 4 capped off disappointment with supreme dogshit media

Anonymous 25790

Attack on titan is significantly more retarded than death note, and the entire premise of death note was that the characters were 80 IQ or something

Anonymous 25791

just got to episode 7 of the final season and it’s the most epic shit I’ve ever seen

Anonymous 25795

I read some of the manga and as soon as they started transforming into titans it went to shit for me. It started with a promising premise of humans facing overwhelming odds against massive monsters but then turned into henshin trash. Once they were able to even the odds and fight the titans one-on-one the whole point of the series was lost.

Anonymous 25799

The best parts of Attack on Titan are season 2, if you thought it stopped watching when Eren transformed you missed out on a significant amount

Anonymous 25801

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Was this really necessary? Does Attack on Titan really need to have some random fucking scene telling its audience that life is more interesting with black people?

I'm just so confused lmfao, what's the point of this scene?


Wasn't trolling nona lol. The beginning of season 3 and 4 are actually weak as fuck. They just lead into very epic action scene immediately afterwards.

I posted this thread during the beginning of the final season and then got to the action scenes where Eren destroys the Marleyan city and changed my mind.

Anonymous 25802

OK i am still confused as fuck, Zeke is a good guy now? After killing the entire Scout unit? And the paradis people just go with it?

Anonymous 25831

Alright just got to the part where Eren is explaining to Mikasa that "The Ackermanns were designed to protect their hosts" like some type of fucking parasite.

This show is getting stupid again

Anonymous 25833

I was fine with 3 but ever since the timeskip it became total shit.
I'm also still a Mappa hater idc.

Anonymous 25836

I don't think the manga labels people as bad or good, Zeke has done some real bad shit but he's a tragic character and I do feel bad for him, there are people who hate him and want him dead and others love hima nd think he's one of the saviors

Anonymous 25837

The whole point of that scene is that Eren made that up to fuck with Mikasa's head LMAO

Anonymous 25857

I'm on the final season part 2 episode 9 right now, where Hange is explaining that genocide is wrong.

I feel like this exemplifies all the problems the final season (and season 3) have had so far - in the first two seasons, fighting the titans was an innocent affair. The titans were these giant otherworldly beasts, little was known about them, and they were attacking an otherwise peaceful farming kingdom.

Nobody in that world should have ever known what a "genocide" was. When King Fritz wiped their memories, they became village people. Their problems, and the extent of knowledge that those people had, should've been very limited.

So now how the fuck does Hange know what a genocide means? This world is too complex for the people in Eldia. It doesn't make sense and the AOT world has been moving way too fast.

Characters are introduced and thrown into situations before they are even characterized, before I give even the slightest of fucks about them. Hell, I barely give a fuck about Conny and Jean. Now I am supposed to care about these two kids Gabi and Falco? Who the fuck is Colt? Who the fuck is Louise??

I have to finish the show but holy shit this is straight garbage. Even the action scenes are barely redeemable in the final season, nothing even slightly badass is happening

Anonymous 25858

There were so many fucking AMAZING characters introduced and characterized in the first season that are now just cannon fodder??

Fucking Pyxis and Erwin are just killed off while we have to see shits like Armin continue to whine his entire goddamn life? Yelena, Onyankopon, Nile, Hitch, Azumabito, Galliard, Nicolo, Floch - nobody gives a fuck about ANY of these people at all. Especially Yelena, she's terrible.

Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul is on the opposite end of this spectrum, where they introduce the main cast and then use those same people for EVERYTHING even if that situation doesn't make sense in reality.

While I appreciate all the shipping in AOT (Hange and Levi are canon and I love this) this final season is a major disappointment, it's all the problems from season 3 magnified. Way more exposition dumps, way more random fucking intros of nobodies, way LESS action than previous seasons.

Anonymous 25864

I love season 3 but the first half was a bit slow, i didn’t give two shits about Levi’s brother’s arc while I really liked the political parts even if it wasn’t as grand as the first two seasons.
Season 4 is my least favorite, too many new characters get introduced and I understand the point of Gabi from the get go (she’s supposed to mirror Eren’s hatred for the titans in season1) I still hated her because that comparison the story was setting up falls flat on your face when you realized the two lived drastically different lives. Like >>25857 said the titans are other worldly and the “human vs titans” is mostly innocent.
I felt like season 4 should have emphasised a bit more that the Eldians didn’t know any of this shit but instead i felt like the characters were apologizing for stuff even their oldest generation wasn’t aware of. Even in online discussions people keep omitting that really important part it’s kinda annoying to me.

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