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Anonymous 25806

Did you like spy x family??

Anonymous 25807

yeah, it's pretty good.

Anonymous 25818

I liked it a lot too. I just wish Yor's character was more developed instead of just "i like to kill lol" while Loid has a super fleshed out backstory.

Like, there's so many questions about Yor that are left unanswered, at least at the current point in the anime. Who employs Yor? Is she independent or does she work for an agency? What are her motives for killing? etc. etc.

Anonymous 25821

Yes. Very nice lighthearted fun. Too bad moids have to be creepy about Anya, make sure to keep away from the moid fandon.

Anonymous 25825

She does get more character development. The cruise arc is 90% about her.

Anonymous 25830

Don't let men keep you from enjoying something. It's a very nice anime, and Anya is a cute little girl. That's all there is to it.

Anonymous 26240

Yes, very fun story abd enjoyable

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