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Smile Fest 2022 Anonymous 25912

Has anyone else kept an eye on this year Smile Fest? Are there figures you're excited about?

For me, I'm still crying about the 15th anniversary Miku, turns out she is a 1/6, so my hopes of her being on the 30k yen range shattered… Figures can be re-sold (and for a higher price than you bought them originally!), so if one day you end up broke, you can always sell them and get your money back, but I don't think I'm ready to spent +$500 (shipping will be insane) at once on a figure…

Other than that, I'm very excited for the new Ace Attorney nendoroids! I thought they would stop at Phoenix and Edgeworth. I prefer Figmas and Parfoms (nendoroids are too chibi for my taste), but new AA merch is always welcome.
And the Persona5 HELLO! GS figures, I'm not a huge fan of that collection even if they look super cute, but for $10 I can't say no to a new morgana.
I'm curious about the Pretty Derby scale too, I haven't played that mobage, but the design looks so nice!

Anonymous 25918

that's a pretty nice looking figure

Anonymous 25936

The Junko Enoshima nendo is tempting. I've only gotten one nendo in the past though, I'm not really that big on figures and things. I always thought funko pops were a ripoff of them.

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