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New Art General Thread Anonymous 2599

>Ask for advice and help
>Show off your art (all kinds allowed)

Post away

Anonymous 2600


I made a kat.
Pls rate.

Anonymous 2601


11/10 what's his name? why is his tail a hand? is it a pokekat?

Anonymous 2602

Oh wow that's really really cute.
I'll try to improve mine later.
His name is TheLegend28

Anonymous 2603

he's so ferocious! i like his fangs, scorpion tail and extra legs for maximum scratching.

Anonymous 2604

Screen Shot 2018-0…

i drew this tough lolita a few years ago but i never finished it. i think i like using flat colors better than putting a lot of effort into shading/rendering now so it's hard to find the motivation to start again. it's either revert to that style i had a few years ago (which I don't like) to finish the feet or totally redraw the rest of it…

Anonymous 2605

I like her a lot anon. How's your style nowadays?

Anonymous 2624


Why isn't anyone posting? I am sure there are lots of people who love art here.

Here is my new painting. I wanted to paint something different because I always paint landscapes and still lifes which is really not original.

Anonymous 2625

Wow this is fucking gorgeous, anon! I'd definitely post something if I could make proper art.

Anonymous 2628

Just make some art and post it, it doesn't matter if it looks good or bad. Just look at those "modern artists" who make child scribbles and aren't ashamed of selling that for millions of dollars. Why should you be ashamed, I'm sure you're better than them.

Sorry, that was really salty. Anyways just post anything, it will help you to draw more if you have some place to share your drawings.

Anonymous 2629

This is beautiful anon. Got any tips (specifically regarding drawing faces) that you would like to share?
I've done a lot of portrait drawings recently and would love to get better. I might post them but I'm kinda shy and hate sharing my art so idk

Anonymous 2630

When drawing a face I think it is most important to make sure the overall proportions are correct before drawing all the details. I know it is tempting to render for example the eyes but if you notice later the eyes are too far apart then you won't want to erase them and your whole drawing will be weird.

Well, you probably know that already but that's the only important thing I can think of. Also my father for example draws a grid on his reference photo and then a grid on his paper, that way you can easily copy from a photo by copying single cells in the grid.

You should definitely post, you're anonymous here remember?

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