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Procreate Anonymous 26386

I've noticed most artists I like use procreate, so I want to as well. Problem is that it's only available on IOS and I am not getting a iPad or iPhone just for it. I'm not sure if I could somehow pirate it on my android or laptop.
First world struggles.

Anonymous 26387


all you need to learn to draw is a pen and paper nona. in fact jumping into procreate could be discouraging if you aren't already a somewhat decent artist.

take a drawing class at your local community college or learn using drawabox.com

Anonymous 26388

I used to draw procreate and it's not that great, most likely it only got popular because it's for ipad, it's one of the few ipad/phone art programs where you can make custom brushes and it costs a single $10 payment. Lots of people bootlick apple, so since it was accessible to them, it spread fast.
I have to say it's pretty comfortable to draw on it, but when it comes to art programs, lots of them are way better than it.

Since you got a laptop, I recommend drawing on it. Get yourself a blind tablet to start out (wacom intuos are super cheap and work wonders), at first it may be a bit hard to get used to it, but with some practice it will be ok.
About programs:
- Krita is free and pretty complete. I haven't used it since 2015, but it updates very often so I'm sure it's even better now.
- Everyone and their mom use SAI but being honest I can't stand it now that I have tried better programs. It's cool if you're starting out and want something with the bare minimum but with layers and customizable brushes tho.
- Clip Studio is my favorite, one-time payment and yearly in spring/winter it gets a 50% off, you can get it for just $25. Ver2.0 will have a subscription model, but ver1.0 (the permanent one) has everything you need and more, it has been updating for +10 years after all.
- Of course, there's Photoshop. Probably one of the easiest programs to pirate. I use it pretty often, but for editing rather than drawing. Of course you can draw on it (and it’s the current standard…) but it was made for photo editing, so it doesn’t have small options and such that makes the drawing process easier.

Anonymous 26389

I only use it because it's the most accessible for my iPad, which I received as a gift for school. Otherwise it's pretty average, the main appeal being that I can draw on a screen rather than the usual screenless-pen-tablet-laptop setup. It's more portable/convenient and mimics the physical actions of trad art. I just like being to draw digitally anywhere at any time!

That said, I worked with a regular tablet for around a decade before this and my skills and output are around the same. Your core artistic abilities have nothing to do with your program. Tbh I use brushes on Procreate that are as similar as possible to the settings I used on Paint Tool SAI haha.

Anonymous 26399

I already know how to draw, I just want procreate lol. All art programs I've tried either overwhelm me or underwhelm me.
I can just tell when someone uses procreate and their work always appeals to me, I don't know how to describe it.
Autistic I know.

Anonymous 26401

Maybe is just their brushes? I used to think the same but with SAI, and it turns out it mostly was because they all used some variation of the pre-made round brush, which made their art look soft in a way.

Anonymous 26415

Save up for an iPad then? It has other uses so it's not a huge waste.
Maybe do commissions to raise the cash so the hobby is self-contained.

Anonymous 26501

I own a Lenovo tablet that comes with a pen and tried to download some drawing apps. What can I say… it's nice to fuck around in it and do some quick sketches, but otherwise it sucks ass. The flow of the pen just doesn't feel right and for some reason I always deaw with a chicken scratch. Dunno how it is for IPads, but definitely don't try an Android. Fine for small and quick artworks, sure, but not so much for anything else. One big plus is that I can carry it around as an infinite sketchbook. But I mostly draw at home anyway and for that PC with a drawing tablet is the top.

Anonymous 26507

Same sort of, I got a surface pro for drawing and I don't use it at all for sketching. The pen just isn't responsive enough for the quick movements needed to sketch. I use it to do line art though, since a traditional usb no-screen wacom tablet always fucks up my hand for some reason and it is easier to get the angles of your lines right when drawing directly on a screen.

Anonymous 26545

Have you thought about manga studio? It’s like a mix of sai and photoshop, but felt easier to learn. It’s tools are pretty self explanatory which I think is what I like in procreate. Gives me more confidence to fuck around because I have an easier time turning things back.

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