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etherane general Anonymous 26619

Thread for discussing etherane's projects (Hello Charlotte, Mr.Rainer's Solve-It Service, tomorrow won't come for those without ██████, other)

Anonymous 26953

I honestly think hello Charlotte 2 was the best game in the series. Hello Charlotte three seems more like an “end of evangelion” style melting pot than a genuine sequel in my eyes.

Anonymous 26954


based, HC2 seemed more poetic to me than HC3 that was quick-ish to end it all (especially the ending segments)
what do you think about HC: Heaven's Gate? i still haven't played it for some reason (maybe because i'm not into visual novels) but almost everyone in the fandom likes it

Anonymous 26972

It was fine. Naturally I don’t really like it since I don’t really like the true realm cast as a whole (except Anri I love ya). But it’s a decent continuation of the story of Hc3. You’d be surprised I’ve met people who hate it, but the fandom seems to value the louder voices more than those who can give more substantial opinions.

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