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Neocities Alternative Anonymous 26809

Are there any Neocities alternatives without the genderspecials?

Anonymous 26810


Maybe a blogging site that allows you to customize a lot? But they are all too modern and it doesn't feel the same, sad.

Anonymous 26812


There are lots of free web hosting sites out there if you google a bit, but if youre looking for a web host + social media hybrid, neocities is the only one of its kind.
I would still give neocities a chance tho, the gendies are there for the trend and to show off their site layout to their kinnie twitter circle, since theyre not here because they actually enjoy to make websites a good chunk will leave in some months when they get bored, it always happens. Gendie or not, its actually pretty rare that someone there keeps their site active for more than a year unfortunately.
It's pretty easy to find normal people inside the sea of gendies though, just check the followers of sites that have been callouted as mean terves (5amgirlfriend, cabbagesorter, etc etc) and go from there.

Anonymous 26813


Anonymous 26843

This. Even if the gendies annoy you they're easy to ignore, especially on neocites which isn't a social media website that smushes everyone together shoulder-to-shoulder. Find your niche and thrive.

Anonymous 26867

It seems like people are allowed to remain on Neocities despite expressing GC viewpoints. To me, this is pretty huge.

Anonymous 26871

Yep, pretty much the only moderation is "don't host anything agaisnt US' laws" since it's just a web host, not a social media site; so you can pretty much say anything you want there. The wrost thing that can happen are 15yo genderspecials calling you slurs on your guestbook lmao. There are even alt-right websites still up….. The only site I have seen deleted was one that acted as a record & hit-list against specific people.

Anonymous 26872

Accidentally deleted my index.html. Is there any way to generate a new one?

Anonymous 26875

You can just drag and drop files into the file manager. I recommend you always have a copy of your website on your computer and use an editor like visual studio code (or plain notepad++).

Anonymous 26876

To clarify, I still have an index.html file. I just accidentally overwrite it with a css file and now I don't know how to get the old text back.

Anonymous 26877

And by 'old text' I mean whatever was in the html before I deleted it by pasting CSS instead.

Anonymous 26879

If you exited and saved, I don't think you can do anything. Maybe if there is a cached version of your site picked up by google or something. You can ctrl+z while you're in the neocities editor but that's about it.

Anonymous 26880

I didn't edit the text itself. The contents were not important.

What I need was the basic HTML that was on all indexes that spawned once you made an account.

Anonymous 26883

Pretty sure the placeholder index text is the same as in any new html document you create on neocities. Just make a new archive and copy-paste the text onto the index.html.

Anonymous 26884

Tried it. Now I have the base HTML, which is good, but not sure where to put the CSS. Ah well, had to learn this eventually.

Thank you nona! Much appriciated!

Anonymous 26886

For the CSS, you can writte it inside the <style></style> tag, which you have to place inside <head></head> tag.
If you want the same CSS on various pages, the best thing to do is to write it on a separate file ([some_name].css) and then linking it on the HTML files you have, write <link href="/[some_name].css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all"> inside the <head> tag.

If you're new to coding HTMLdog's tutorials are what made html/css click for me when I was starting out. And then W3schools is good for more complex stuff, and remember to peek a bit on other people's codes to learn from them too.

Anonymous 26888

There is some censorship on Neocities, but it is strange and inconsistent. A page I personally follow was blocked from all public feeds on Neocities for expressing pro-Russian views regarding the war in Ukraine.
I have also encountered some incel pages and literal Nazi manifestos that have been up for years with no issues. If you stay under the radar you will probably be fine.

Anonymous 26914

Are you really not using what's arguably a good service just because a lot of annoying people use it?? I dislike the gender trend as much as the next person, but I still use Neocities as a host. You can choose to not follow or interact with the pronoun people.

On that note, does anyone have any links or recommendations for GC or politics-neutral websites or users besides the ones mentioned in this thread already? 5amgirlfriend and cabbagesorter's sites are lovely and I'm going to skim through their followers for similar, I'd like to follow them to "signal" I'm "safe", lmao.

Anonymous 26915

Thank you so much, Nona <3
Looking this up straight away, you made my website better <3

Anonymous 27161

with a bit of searching around you will probably find that the genderhoarder "webmasters" (if i can even call them that. half of their websites are an index and an about page and have been inactive for months.) are only really just a small minority on neocities. they only have so much "power" cause they follow other people and those other people follow them back and then they use that to land on front page and to seem "better" even though 99.9% of the time they are not. look through sites in recently updated and random and you'll find something. just keep in the right areas and don't follow stupid people!

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