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lookism Anonymous 27073

does anyone else here read lookism?

Anonymous 27195

Currently reading it! I like it a lot so far, especially the fashion :)

Anonymous 27200

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Netflix adaption?

Anonymous 27204

ayrt ! me too, the fashion is really cool.

Anonymous 27205

they made vasco and everyone else so ugly!!! i literally want to sob and scream. thank god that they won't get as far as animating samuel.

Anonymous 27280

the story is so repetitive now

Anonymous 27285


honestly it really is. i have to keep rereading because i keep forgetting what’s happening bc everything is so excruciatingly boring. the only reason im still reading is because i really want to see samuel and jake make up. fuck i miss big deal so much man.

Anonymous 27287

I read it for a bit but then it got so convoluted I gave up. Same with True Beauty.

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