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lisa 3.png

feeling empty without a show to be obsessed with Anonymous 27080

title pretty much explains it… I feel devoid of meaning without a show to be obsessed with and draw art for. Anyone have any recommendations? bonus points if the fandom is active.

Anonymous 27081

I feel the same so i'm gonna reply to your thread. Do you have an specific taste?

Anonymous 27083

I prefer animated shows. goofy funny comedies (maybe even with darker sides?) are ultimate. but ill take anything i can draw. think south park/archer/trailer park boys

Anonymous 27085

Venture bros?

Anonymous 27086


Watch the x files

Anonymous 27088

my friend loves this show! does it have an active/semi-active fandom?

Anonymous 27091


Anonymous 27093

I tried to watch fleabag but I cannot somehow get into it. I have just watched the pilot episode though. I was disappointed somewhat because it has such a huge cult following. I will try to give it another chance.

Anonymous 27094

Do you like animated series? If you like Over the Garden Wall or Gravity Falls, you'd like Hilda–well, I did a lot (I obsess over these type of series)

Anonymous 27098


I think so, not that big, but moderately active

Anonymous 27500

cry 4.png

bumping…. recently watched brooklyn 99 and love it, but cant draw the characters!! it irritates me 1) that my drawings don't look like the characters 2) that I'm technically drawing real people (the actors). feels… odd. not sure why.

Anonymous 27512


Depends on what character types you like. Right now I am obsessed with golden kamuy. It's a wild west-like action comedy manga but taking place in Japan around 1910 and it's about war veterans. The manga just ended but the fanbase is huge and it gets a lot of fanart every day.

Mob Psycho (anime) is also very popular and the third season is airing right now. It's comedy action about occult shit and some wacky characters. Has a very simple art style too.
Ongoing cartoons that I see discussions of exist too like Owl House and such, but I haven't watched it (yet) so not idea how it is. The new Transformer cartoon also seems to be quite beloved and that franchise and its fandom are active since the 80s and never died. But I haven't watched that specific new series yet either.

Anonymous 27517

Maybe you should work on yourself instead of drowning your feelings in a fandom.

Anonymous 27524

what about this implies she's drowning her feelings in fandom?

Anonymous 27530

Moid who wishes women would stop giving up on digging through the cesspit that is men.

Face it moid we don't have to waste our lives being screwed over by male lies and setups.

Anonymous 27540

China IL

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