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Favorite Subversive/Ground-Breaking Media? Anonymous 2711

This feels old-hat but: I've been kind of bored lately with being inundated with endless sequels and unimaginative plots.
What truly innovative / ground-breaking / genre defining / subversive / just kinda weird media have you been enjoying lately?

Anonymous 2812


I'm intrigued by this thread but don't feel like I have anything to really contribute besides things that are pretty basic like John Waters films, MST3k, weird docs like Grey Gardens and Vernon, Florida.

What would you suggest, OP?

Anonymous 3289

Does this count? It seems like just some project an animation student would work on. https://kissanime.ac/Anime/Kanamewo/Special?id=120801

Anonymous 3323


I just saw the Austrian slasher film Angst (1983), also released under the title Fear. It's atypical in the horror genre for its use of narration over dialogue, and the cinematography makes it feel like one long scene. The movie is comical at points where he reveals his incompetency, and the actor does a good job at seeming out of touch. It's also based on a real killer, but I won't say who cause I don't want to spoil it.
The kissanime link triggered me.

Anonymous 3324

Thanks for the rec.

I used kissanime because I didn't know how else to find the title. It isn't that great anyhow.

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