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Idols! Anonymous 277

Post everything about your favorite aidoru here. I've liked net idols for a while, and after watching Hinako Note (only kinda idols), I've wanted to branch out my idol knowledge.
>Favorite Professional Group?
>Favorite fresh group?
>Favorite Idol anime?
>Favorite idol (2D &3D)
>Do you want to become an idol? Why/why not?
>Have you participated in an idol group before? What was the experience like?
>Anything you want to see from the idol community?

Feel free to try and form idol groups here too!

Anonymous 280

>do you want to become an idol?

i wish i had gotten into idols when i was a teen… i am far too old to form an idol group now, especially by weeb standards lmao

i only really like 2D idols nowadays though, aikatsu stars is a current favorite. definitely keeping an eye on this thread for other suggestions though.

Anonymous 414

Anonymous 1240

Anybody interested in joining a Pennsylvania based idol group?

Anonymous 2729


Oh my gosh, an idol thread!

Wish this board wasn't so slow, I love [email protected] and Aikatsu and I'm currently watching Pripara and I would love to get to know more female fans of idol anime.

I like male idols anime and 3D idols too!

Anonymous 2730

Damn it meant Idolmaster

Anyway I'm a fan of Idolmaster (both original gen/Cinderella Girls/SideM), Utapri, Aikatsu (original series, haven't watched Stars or Friends yet), BProject and Creamy Mami so I recommend all of those

Sorry for doubleposting

Anonymous 2830

I hate that this thread is dead haha.
But I like Aikatsu! I want to get more into idol anime since I think it's cute. I feel so left behind since it seems like every has watched all of them already and I've only ever watched 3 (Aikatsu! included). Call me crazy but it gives me so much motivation? I love it! I just wish I was on the same level as everyone else :(

Anonymous 3205


I wish more people posted here too! Actually even if they are older animes there are many fans out there, I'm still in touch with some fellow fans of Imas back when the first anime aired in 2011

If you want to learn more about older idol anime I recommend Viga Loves' Idols in Anime series in YT

Anonymous 3206

creamy mami hell yeah
i've always wanted to get more into idol anime but usually got bored when i actually tried to watch it so maybe this youtube series is the perfect way to learn more. thanks, anon!

Anonymous 3207

All scrote pedos in the fanbase and pandering towards them really poisoned my ability to enjoy these things, even if they're pretty cute.

Anonymous 3210

I'm the anon you're replying too! Thanks for the recommendation! I followed them on youtube so I can watch it later.

Anonymous 3227


Hope you both enjoyed it! I discovered it while listening to the OST of Full Moon, it was one of my first animes overall and my first idol anime, it's pretty cringy but the music is actually really good and I still listen to it

Hope the series also helps you to open to male idol anime as well, they can be pretty confy if you avoid the fujo niche

Anonymous 3230

I like playing Tokyo 7th Sisters and Idolmaster rhythm games.

Anonymous 3232

KyosukeAoiSR 5.jpg

I like [email protected] SideM. I tried playing Live on Stage but it's way too easy. It's a bit frustrating that Starlight Stage has a good variety of difficulty but for LoS the hardest difficulty is like playing normal on any other rhythm game.
I pretty much just watch the anime, live concert stuff, and listen to the music now.

Anonymous 3272


Has anyone here watched the i7 anime? I tried watching the first episode but it was so boring I couldn't even finish it, it's a shame because I think the Trigger members are hot

Anonymous 3275

I love Jiro!
Nothing outstanding, but it's fun to watch. SideM is better IMO.

Anonymous 3276


Maybe I'll give it another try if I'm bored, thanks for answering!
SideM is so good… Tsubasa and Pierre are angels

Anonymous 3279


I tried getting into Ensemble Stars at one point but just couldn't, SideM is too good that all other male idol stuff can't compare.

Anonymous 3569

I really like vintage anime, and I recently started watching Idol Densetsu Eriko. I thought it would be too childish (I didn't like the main character's design when i first saw it) but I ended up actually enjoying the series as whole because of the side characters. Primarily rival/antagonist Rei, but also the cool biker chick friend (basically a prototype of Haruka from Sailor Moon).
I'm only on episode 11 but I'm hoping they dive further into Rei's backstory and explain why she's got such a chip on her shoulder.
Plus, I love the voice of the actress who sings for her, video related. The voice actress for Eriko is actually a little 'off' when it transitions from speaking to singing, but Rei's is spot-on.

Anonymous 3572


Yurika is my gothic lesbian vampire idol queen. She's going to be my very first cosplay.

Anonymous 3573

I tried to play both but it's impossible for me even with the guides and shit, I'll wait for the Enstars anime.

Anonymous 3578



Nice, more SideM fans!!!

Yeah, LoS is a bad game. It hurts me deeply that mirishita and deresute are so good.

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