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j-pop general Anonymous 2803

Let's talk about some idols and j-pop in general!
Feel free to just share some cute pics/gifs too!

So Okamoto Keito just quit HSJ and dropped out of college too. It's very weird and sudden but I don't feel like the group is going to suffer that much without him tbh

Anonymous 2804

Also what are your thoughts on the new johnny's group King & Prince? They're all kinda cute

Anonymous 2811


Are female idols allowed too?

I love Japanese girl bands but I'm not too keen on Kpop bands, either male or female. I also follow some seiyuu's singer careers.

Anonymous 3608


I refuse to let this die
all my irl friends just like kpop and I'm not part of any online communities either so I just fangirl alone

Anonymous 3609

You’d probably find a bigger fan base to gush with on Tumblr or Twitter.

Anonymous 3610

Most twitter stans also like kpop, and mostly kpop at that, which makes it kind of hard to find people to chat with…

Anonymous 3612

yeah and I find twitter sorta annoying because it's so full of drama

I kinda hate tumblr but I guess I have to give it a try

Anonymous 3614

I wouldn't mind trying to get into it. Any recs anon?

Anonymous 3628

yamazaki kento.gif

not OP but do you prefer girlies or boys or both, anon

Anonymous 3629

I'll take both.

Anonymous 3637

Haven't checked on Jpop in over 5 years so I'm surprised HSJ is still a thing. Had the fattest crush on Yamada and young Yuri
I completely forgot what their songs are titled but that one dark song with the dark MV was so good, you know which one?

Anonymous 3641

Shock of the century: Finding out Daigo got married. I was CONVINCED he was as gay as they can get. Also Im not sure if he's considered a singer but didnt know where else to share this

Anonymous 3645

AKB48 is the best girl group and you can find loads of stuff on youtube but here is a song I like

and a cute stage with a lot of the popular songs

also I have some masterlists of subbed content if you are interested

for boys I only really follow hsj and sexy zone

but it's so hard to find any info or HQ content because I'm sorta new with boys and don't know nihongo so if anyone knows a place where to find subbed stuff I'd appreciate !!

Anonymous 3653


I'm a visual kei fan. I've noticed that I have a lot of depressing or heavy songs. Can you recommend some happy/fun jpop bands/musicians? not idols, musicians. Stuff like western 00s pop.

Anonymous 3658

Is anyone around here a fan of FEMM? They are a duo of girls who act like mannequins and their coreographies are so on point

Anonymous 18644

sorry for the blogpost in advance
>omg, i've just recently got into arashi/SMAP
i don't know if i should say you got into them at wrong or right time, sister. arashi just entered their 2 year hiatus, SMAP disbanded and johnny's is currently a burning garbage dump. but arashi and SMAP seem to have one of the biggest fandoms of out all johnny's groups, so you're in luck, they have many fan translators and subbers
>i really want to learn more about these groups but since i can't speak japanese
it's okay, i can't speak japanese either. i only know a simple few sentences and phrases. but learning hiragana, katakana, as well as a few basic kanji well help a lot. don't worry because they're quite easy to learn through flashcards and studying! there's been so many stories of johnny's fans that have learned japanese or even live in japan now because they learned japanese through their sheer amount of love for johnny's.
>there's only so much that is translated and there aren't many that are still interested in their older works from the 90s ;-;
how did you get into them/info on them?
basically, i learned about arashi, mainly matsujun through watching hana yori dango, and then i made a livejournal account.

let me tell you, livejournal is your best friend. you can get everything you need to know about arashi, SMAP, and johnny's from there. like go create one right now. because johnny's is still extremely old fashioned, arashi is the only artist that has their music up on streaming services and well as a youtube channel with a few of their music videos and concerts up. they even have a netflix documentary up (RIDE ON TIME and arashi's diary: voyage)
a lot of people that are mods of these communities can be quite snobby and may want your account to at least be 1-3 months old, have at least 1-3 posts on your journal or even 10 comments before you can join. they also might want you to answer several questions or write a short paragraph in order to be accepted. it's incredibly annoying but they do this because JA would take down all the links if they were publicly open. just be honest and try to follow the rules to a T and you'll be accepted

i'll list a few LJ comms off the top of my head
>you probably will find everything arashi-related here, arashians made a this project to compile all arashi related media for fans


onto important websites:
johnnys-net . com
>johnny's homepage, website for all artists and usually has discography/bio/concert/schedule info
johnnys - web.com
>paid mobile blogging service for 300 yen
>photos are posted in entries but you have to be apart of the fanclub to see them
>there used to be an ENG, KR, and CH version but it got taken away because fans wouldn't stop posting entries on twitter
fc-member . johnnys-net . jp
>fanclub for whatever johnnys group you decided to be a fan of
>5000 yen a year
>you need a proxy or japanese address
>get an pretty card of the artists fanclub you're apart of
>get monthly or weekly pamphlet for fans
>on your birthday, you get a card
>can ballot for concerts, events, etc.
>can see FC videos, usually videos were artists celebrate each others birthdays, announce important things, interesting videos and updates for fans
online . johnnys-net . jp
>where johnny's holds online concerts. you don't have to necessarily be apart of the fanclub to watch them
>very new creation
johnnys-shop . jp
>online website for the johnny's shops around japan
>carries all kinds of merch, mostly photos of idols
>you need a proxy or japanese address to order from there
atarashiichizu . com
>the website for the trio that shingo, goro, and tsuyoshi formed after SMAP disbanded
>a better translator than google translate, very useful but still take it with a grain of salt
d-addicts . com / forums
>huge resource for dramas
>majority of arashi and SMAP's dramas are there
neotokyo2099 . com
>accurate translation and can be trusted

Anonymous 18645

gossip, news, and not necessarily useful sources:
girlschannel . net
>japanese version of lolcow/crystalcafe mixed together
>usually inhabited by older japanese women
johnnys . jocee . jp
>gossip site about johnny's
www . cyzowoman . com
>gossip site for j-ent and johnny's
arama japan . com
>active english translated gossip site
>landed into some hot water at the beginning this year for asking a former johnny's junior if johnny was gay and if he had sex with artists in the company. the answer was yes, unfortunately
minuskakugo . blogspot . com
>english translated gossip and news site for j-ent and johnny's
majide2ch . blogspot . com
>english translation blog for threads from 2ch on j-ent
>english translated blog for j-ent and c-ent and johnny's
jnewseng . wordpress . com
>english translation blog that posted news on johnny's
ja - anon . livejournal . com
>anonymous english-speaking meme on LJ where people gossip and talk about johnnys
>not everything on there is necessarily true
ja - meme . livejournal . com
>older version of ja-anon from 2013

Anonymous 18648

I just like to listen to seiyuu pop electronica stuff.
Like Quell and LouLou*di.

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