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Who is your favorite person you follow online? Anonymous 2814

Whether it’s YouTube, instagram, tumblr, or a blog.. who are some people you enjoy following and why?
Those who post comedy, art, fashion, advice, or anything inbetween fits here!
Post images and their names so we can check them out

Anonymous 2815

Also realized the second I posted I was on th wrong board

Anonymous 2818

I don't care much about e-celebs, or celebs in general, so I only really follow "lolcows" for fun.

From YouTube I like loepsie (Lucy)!

Anonymous 2819

Posted before I was done lol anyway she's a hair dresser and does lots of great hairdos, and she has a really likeable personality imo.

lolcows: camwhore thread and Luna Slater. Used to follow more before but eventually narrowed down to these two threads

Anonymous 2820


I only hate-follow people, oops.

Anonymous 2823

I'm not really one to follow celebrities/public figures/etc, but I can't help but love Simone Giertz from Tested. Her contraptions aren't always the most complex or technical, but I think she exemplifies that making things can be genuinely fun and enjoyable.

Anonymous 2826

Why do you call her "they"?

Anonymous 2828


I'm an enormous weeb so I like following people I see in Tokyo Fashion, such as RinRinDoll or Lisa from Moth in Lilac. Their style is unique and I love it

Anonymous 6157

I started reading though this tumblr recently about an American girl studying in South Korea. She hasn't updated in a few years but it's still a very cute blog and makes me wish I was studying there:


Anonymous 6163

I know this post is nearly two years old, but I also found Luna pretty cool back in her Tumblr days, prior to the lolcow threads about her being created and the downhill spiral since then.

Anonymous 6713

SlateStarCodex. It's just a psychiatrist writing about science and philosophy.

Anonymous 6848

In general I think following personal lives of internet people is very cringe, but I like the educational YouTube CGP Grey and by proxy his more personal podcast “hello internet”

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