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Movie suggestions, please Anonymous 2821

I love lush, romantic movies with time-travel/parallel storyline elements – my favorites are Orlando, Interview with the Vampire, and The Fountain.

Have you seen any of these? What other movies would remind you of them?

Anonymous 2822

>time travel

Kate & Leopold!
"Kate McKay (Meg Ryan) is a modern day executive, a 21st century woman driven to succeed in the corporate world. Leopold, the third Duke of Albany, is a charming gent and bachelor of the late 18OOs. With career and social expectations looming, each has grown cynical about the very notion of falling in love. But when a rip in the fabric of time thrusts Leopold into present day New York, the potential for an old-fashioned modern romance ignites."

Anonymous 2839


oh my god, how did you know that early 2000s rom-coms are my self-care

Anonymous 2842

superb taste, anon. hope you like it.

Anonymous 2843

It's a book and not a movie but The Time Traveler's Wife is so your jam

Anonymous 2844

"The Lakehouse" (american version because of Keanu ofc) The dance scene still makes me get goosebumps, and the song hnngggg
You like Interview with the Vampire? How about another Lestat movie- "Queen of the Damned"?

"Closer" is a cluster fuck but an excellent - raw-in your face- movie

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