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Stuff you love to hate Anonymous 2891

Do you read/watch things "ironically" or as hatewatching/hatereading?

I used to read the Twilight saga for the sheer ridiculousness, later did the same with The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. I also enjoyed reading "snark" blogs about Twilight back in the day, especially the LiveJournal sites like Cleolinda's blog.

Recently I've been watching Shadowhunters with my bf for the horrible plots and cheap CGI and it made me reminisce about those times. So yeah, let's talk about those stories that are so bad you just can't stop.

Anonymous 2892

When the Twilight movies were out I used to go hate watch them for the memes, also cause I liked the soundtracks
A few times my family came with me and to this day they assume it's because I was a genuine Twihard with a crush on Robert Pattinson, and that was the only reason why.

Anonymous 2896

oh god…. I have a love/hate thing going out for the twilight movies. They are SO CHEESY and terrible and yet I enjoy the fuck out of them. I'm taking this secret to the grave btw.

Anonymous 2897

I don't really hateread anything, but I watch/read anime and manga I don't like for the sole purpose of being able to argue more effectively about which series are good or not. Comparisons make your opinion a lot more credible.

Anonymous 2900


The whole ACOTAR series by SJ Maas.

Anonymous 2901

I’ve started reading this cause i jerk off to elves, but it was so bad

Anonymous 2902

Laurell K. Hamilton. Her and everything she's written is trash but i went through everything my library had from her when i was in high school because i was fascinated by how every novel got progressively worse somehow.

iirc there was sex about every two pages with either a vampire, live-in houseboy, or were…whatevers, laurell's self-insert character anita became a polyamorous hypersexual avatar of a vampire goddess and ALSO the queen of the local were pack and ALSO ended up getting like three different strains of lycanthropy and ALSO had every man she encountered fall in love with her/sex her up except for the unattractive ones. it actually became a game for me when the writer introduced an attractive male character to try to figure out how little time it was going to take before anita ended up fucking him.

Anonymous 2904

This isn't lit related, but I loved making fun of Vanilla Ice so much that now I associate only positivity with his music and now I'm actually trying to learn the dance for Ice Ice baby. I also know nearly all the lyrics to his To The Extreme album by heart. Be careful, let this be a warning not to hate too passionately in case it flips over and causes you to love….

Anonymous 2905

I feel you anon, I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby off by heart

Anonymous 2910


I decided to read this book because of 1 bad review that was super funny. I thought i could enjoy reading book because of how bad it would be but i was wrong. This book is so bad and the main character is so annoying that reading this only made me frustrated, i had to force myself to finish the book and i regret it so much.

Anonymous 2920

tangentially relevant, but for every lit. buff out there, what are your personal pet peeves (or red flags) for these kind of cringy fantasy/romance novels? what makes you roll your eyes the hardest/when do you start to pick up on when a character is total trash?

Anonymous 4114


Riverdale, hands down. Every week I'm sitting in bed with food and soda and just go all out in indulging in this terrible mess.

Anonymous 4307

I have never managed to watch the whole Twilight series films just due to how wooden the acting is but i LOVE the books.

Team Jacob forever tbh

Anonymous 4581

Hey now, you know this is a lie… can't watch it every week when they keep taking random multiple-week breaks from releasing episodes :( :( :(
actually though i binged season 1 in a depression fueled night of needing to not feel anything and now i'm hooked. it's so stupid i can't not watch it at this point.

Anonymous 4593

Isn't it back on now? I kekked heartily at the recent episodes.

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