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Anonymous 2927


I've always had a soft spot for he-man and she-ra… does anyone else?

Anonymous 2943

i remember having a she-ra book when I was really little and i loved the illustrations in it. after growing up a bit i became more of a jem and the holograms fan (SOAP OPERA LEVEL DRAMA for 8-year-olds) but I didn't realize there was going to be a reboot?? if this is a screenshot from it I'm already excited, she reminds me of a viking goddess.

Anonymous 2944

yeah, there's a reboot. this is the new art style! it comes out at the end of the year on netflix i think, i really like the more viking-like design too

Anonymous 2945


i too really adore '80s animation, but also had no idea there was going to be a she-ra reboot. when i first saw this post i thought it was just fanart, but i liked the redesign a lot. the valkyrie look kinda reminds me of mercy from overwatch <3

i hope that this reboot turns out to be good though, because so many other recent ones have been a let-down :(

Anonymous 2946

I hadn't thought of the mercy similarities, but you're totally right. Reboots are often such a letdown too, but I'm trying to stay medium levels of optimistic about this one. I like how this design of She-Ra actually looks like a 16 year old

Anonymous 2948

Looks like shit tbh. She looks super dyke-y.

Anonymous 2950

I like her outfit, but the style reminds me of Tumblr for some reason, so it's a no from me.

Anonymous 2951

ikr? i hope she converts an entire generation of little girls into sword-wielding lesbians

Anonymous 2952

It's going to get canned within the year.

Anonymous 2953


tbh the safety shorts were the part of the outfit i liked least but i can also appreciate that they're trying to be practical in their costume design. because fighting in pic related is honestly fucking ludicrous. high heeled boots and a strapless mini-dress? hmmm.

Anonymous 2954


even if it does, it's on Netflix, so the first season will be around forever.

Anonymous 2958


I agree with you and was about to touch on that. Her facial features remind of of artists who try to emulate Ghibli characters, and the colors and outlining remind me of Tumblr quality art. Also if you take a look at caps of some of the other characters… I can't help but think of Steven Universe.

Anonymous 2959

Steven Universe was wildly popular so it makes sense that they'd try to emulate that, although imo it's more that the color schemes that remind me of that.
but did steven universe copy tumblr art or did tumblr artists copy steven universe? chicken or egg

Anonymous 2960

On a service already hemorrhaging subscribers.

Anonymous 2961

their subscriber count has been steadily growing actually.
they were overoptimistic about their subscriber count when they made their predictions in april but it's still an upward trend.

Anonymous 2963



Anonymous 2964

>implying there can only be one
who hurt you

Anonymous 2986

I hear you, I'm so annoyed we can't have strong women like her anymore without making them so masculine, deliberately uggles/fat or pseudo-trannies.

My life would be even worse if my childhood had been filled with "beautiful at all sizes" garbage.

Anonymous 2988

Disregarding the all sizes part bc I won't argue with you there, have you ever seen a female athlete? Gymnasts aside they're not usually dainty feminine looking types, and they wear sports bras and smush their boobs down. What's wrong with making hero characters look more like athletes? That's promoting good health if anything.

Anonymous 2989

How did it go from this goddess (pic relared) to >>2927 this androgynous thing????? Why, dear god, why.

Anonymous 2990


pic didnt upload lel

Anonymous 2991


Anonymous 2992

Nu-Ra is a boy with a wig, not a female athlete.

Anonymous 2997


old she-ra was practically a caricature of feminity, everyone who worked on the show would have gotten reamed for rebooting the series with the same kind of design in 2018. from their pov this was a good business decision.
kids won't care if she doesn't look like a leggy supermodel. and if they do, there are plenty of other professionally manufactured superheroines on the market for them to look up to

Anonymous 3000

>boy in a wig
She's fuckin 16 if you think 16 year old girls generally look like blow up sex dolls I don't think I can help you my friend. Go outside or something, why are you so crazy attached to sexy teen girl heroines? Little girls, who the show is for, will not mind if she-ra isn't sexy enough.

Anonymous 4039

So is anybody watching this?

Anonymous 4350

>Little girls, who the show is for
Didn't read the actual target demographic, which is 30-year old female boomers.
A lot of cartoons today follow the My Little Pony audience phenomenon, since grown weirdos spend way more money on dumb merchandise than little kids and their parents combined.

Nearly all cartoons today are aimed at 18 - 40 year olds, not "little girls" lol, this is just another one.

The 'make a cartoon, hope the kids pester their parents for the toys' method is out of date by like twenty years. Weird adults are the gold-mine in cartoons.

Anonymous 4351


Im sorry OP… but no. It just doesn't look good. Lego's Elves series however has a certain charm I can not quite shake.

Anonymous 4353

I'm not sure if I like it because it's actually a good design or if it's just because it looks kinda like a cute elegant boy hero thing, like griffith-tier. Whatever, but I think the design looks good and I like it, for some reason, lol.

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