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Alternatives to tumblr Anonymous 2970

I know pic related is long dead, but does anyone use dreamwidth? is these anywhere else to go and blog about shows and comics/anime and manga you like with other people that isn't the blue hell?

Anonymous 2985

I wish. Bumping because I feel bad nobody replied to you and there has got to be something out there.

Anonymous 2987

That's sweet anon. I hope so too.

Anonymous 3001

Oh, similar query here. I've been wanting a place to upload my own art and sketches and possibly look at other art/inspiration that's not tumblr or deviantart (those communities seem toxic)

Anonymous 3002

What about WordPress?

Anonymous 3003

Does that have the same kind of small community aspect as lj did? I've never tried Wordpress so I don't know much about it

Have you guys heard of pillowfort? It's someone's attempt at a tumblr + LJ type place. It's in invite only beta ATM, I'm not really hopeful though… probably won't make it

Anonymous 3004

Yes, it does. I used to have a WordPress based website, and it was pretty comfy and easy to befriend people if you posted regularly.

Anonymous 3014


Just checked it out and it looks like more like Mastodon than Tumblr. It lacks the two things Tumblr that make Tumblr unique; the vast customization options and anonymous messages.

Personally, I like Peach, but it's dead as hell. >>>/media/2147

Anonymous 3015

Yeah, that's the problem, you need at least some people using these sites. I try and be the change I want to see in the web which is basically why I try and post on c.c regularly but at the end of the day if no one comes along there's no community to be with .. although I'll always believe there's a sort of sweet spot community size-wise before everything boils over into insanity.

Anonymous 3017

Pillowfort's creators said they'll introduce better customization options later on.

But if OP doesn't like Tumblr, I'm pretty sure Pillowfort isn't a good alternative either as most of PF's crowd are Tumblr users.

Anonymous 3166

LJ doesn't seem as /dead/ as people claim it to be but I wish it was more active and I really do miss small communities instead of these huge fandoms where people think they can police others on what they can or can like or just making the fanbase look bad in general.

I think I'm going to do the task of trying to make my own layout on LJ, seems like it would be a fun thing to do.

Anonymous 3182

Pillowfort looks interesting but right now it's fivebux to sign up. I'll just wait until open registration.

Anonymous 4591

Did anyone ever try Pillowfort in the long run? I saw there's also a Tumblr replacement site for BDSM kinksters. The majority seems to have stayed on Tumblr though.

Anonymous 4598


Thanks to you, OP, I opened a dreamwidth account. I'd never even heard about it until now. Thank you so much. I've wanted a site for this, and until now I'd just dumped my word-vomit on tumblr when I was feeling depressed, but the formatting on dreamwidth is so much nicer.

I really can't thank you enough. I wrote something for the first time in years and it's all because of you. Wherever you are now, I hope you're happy and doing well.

Anonymous 4599

Been using it sporadically for half a year. I find Pillowfort a bit bare bones compared to Tumblr. E.g. The photoset options aren't as good, you can't customise your layout and the default one looks ugly (to me), the communities are small although that probably depends on what your interests are. But if you just want to upload text and some pictures, it's pretty okay.

Anonymous 4600

yeah i have one. It's better for talking to people about stuff than tumblr ever was, so i like it

Anonymous 4601

That's great anon. Do you wanna share a link?

That sucks, I'm >>3014 and it's sad to see they still haven't caught up despite their plans. >>3017

What do you like about it?

Anonymous 4613

I like it because you can actually have long talks about media with a group there easily, it makes it easier to actually have deep discussions or talk in depth about what you think of a film or game with a whole group of people.

Anonymous 4696

I use Dreamwidth on and off for journaling! I haven't seen a lot of people using it actively to blog about media, though. A lot of people who just roleplay on Dreamwidth nowadays used to do that on their personal journals, but most of them just use Plurk (another social media site more like Twitter) to talk about things now.

Anonymous 4698

Anonymous 4699

jfc that tumblr clone has a UI worse than the original

Anonymous 4700

just use twitter, it's the same shit but better unless you're interested in things beyond standposts and memes

Anonymous 4701

I think twitter is the only good option, everything else is suited for teenagers and it'd be cringe to be there.

Anonymous 4702

twitter's character limits are a huge pain, and twitter is full of cringe teens too

Anonymous 5034


I joined Pillowfort but honestly Its dead right now.

Anonymous 5035

I think I'll go back to livejournal.

Anonymous 5037

LJ was down yesterday and now it's full of ads, I wouldn't jump on a ship that's been sinking for a decade

Anonymous 5041


Anonymous 5042

This. Neocities is great and could always use some more attention- HTML knowledge is a must, though. I think it's worth it, though, honestly just so much fun

Anonymous 5045

Yes you need to learn html to even use it, but it has the text editor built right in, and even has the tutorials needed on the site to begin. From there you can just search what code you need if you want to do something more specific.

The freedom is your's in the end.

Anonymous 5049

HTML is like the most thoroughly well-documented markup language in the world, i don't think that's even a hurdle. w3 schools is waiting for you with all the answers.

And my god i love the nostalgia that hits me when i see a slapped together html page. Especially on someone's *eocities. gifs, centre aligned text, wow, i really miss geocities.

Anonymous 5076


is neocities any good for making friends?

Anonymous 6437

Dreamwidth is gud. It's oldschool enough to be LJ from when LJ was gud, minus the huge userbase. It supports a broader spectrum of opinions than Tumblr/Reddit. Their policy is 'We can only ban you if you are being mean to others'. It also supports communities.

Twitter is hard AF to navigate and getting canceled for liking the wrong ship is easy, ppl are literally swapping around lists of 'who to block'.

Anonymous 6438

i'm on tumblr/twitter/insta to post fanart, but dwrp is my favourite way to interact with fandom nowadays. though you have to like, you know, enjoy rp and meta and shit. unfortunately, it's nothing like classic lj was.

i miss livejournal. lj circa 2010 was perfect to me. i also liked early fandom tumblr where people were comfortable being more earnest and cringy (where have the superwholock gifsets of yesteryear gone). twitter is the worst fandom platform ever.

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