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chill happy music? Anonymous 3007

relaxing but not mopey

Anonymous 3008

What about video related?

Anonymous 4707

I know this thread is dead but I want to contribute. It is sometimes energetic but overall I find it to be chill. Its Care by Temporex, hope it counts and would reccomend to listen to it on spotify so he gets some monetization.

Anonymous 4720


This is nice. And I found a lot of other chill music from the Spotify(tm) playlist. But seriously, thanks.

Anonymous 5494

I recommend listening to Meltycanon. A lot of his music is pretty chill and sweet. It’s also kind of dreamy in a way. My favorite album of his is his most recent one which is Love Deluxe and in second is soft & wet.

Anonymous 5560

Anonymous 5561

Anonymous 5562

Anonymous 5563

Anonymous 6359

Anonymous 6360

sorry if this is too mopey

Anonymous 6361

Anonymous 6362

Anonymous 6363

Anonymous 6389

Anonymous 6390

Anonymous 6391

"Please, just have a laugh with me"
I love how it's new, but so antique sounding.

Anonymous 6392

Cuban song

Anonymous 6475

Anonymous 6479

Anonymous 6505

Anonymous 14327

Anonymous 15464

Anonymous 18050

this song always puts me in a good mood, i love how bubbly yet relaxing it sounds

Anonymous 18051

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