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Anonymous 3083

do you like homura ?

Anonymous 3086

Not particularly, she's selfish.

Anonymous 3087

I like cool beauty characters and Homura is definitely selfish to her core to contrast Madoka's selflessness. Homura never ever learns about what Madoka values, cherishes or even wants to understand that she'd never abandon her friends.
Everyone facepalmed when she told QB about what she'd gone through in the last ep and Madoka's potential because if she'd saved those worries for Kyouko/Mami, then Rebellion wouldn't have happened.
Even then, she's constantly rejecting help by making the same mistakes over and over again and it's great to watch.

Anonymous 3105

Yes because the movies didn't happen

Anonymous 3125

Homura did nothing wrong and Madoka enjoyed it.

Anonymous 3195


She was an angel when she was still a newbie magical girl but Urobuchi screwed so bad with the movies

Anonymous 3202

I find fucked up flawed characters interesting, so yes.

Anonymous 3234

I disliked her from the start and the movies proved me right. Homura had no respect for Madoka's autonomy and desires.

Anonymous 6655

Homura only took what was rightfully hers

Anonymous 6705

yes, she's based

Anonymous 9296


Both Madoka and Homura needed to love themselves and the core of their wishes hurt the ones who loved them the most.

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