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Help the technologically challenged Anonymous 3347

I've grown up being told I don't know what I need when it comes to computers and technology and to rely on men for those things. It always ends up screwing me over because surprise surprise, men don't always know what's fucking best for me. I want to know these things myself, but I know I'd get dismissed by people I know, and it's really embarrassing to ask strangers for help with these things that I should I already know.

I have a laptop I bought a long time ago that a male family member told me to buy because "I don't need anything fancy", (even though I told him I'm looking for a laptop to play video games on). Of course it's shit and it can't run any video games without shutting down. I want to buy a new one but I don't actually know what's good and what isn't. Ideally I'd like a budget friendly but still good laptop I can play video games on. What should I look for? What are considered reasonable prices? Any recommendations?

Anonymous 3348

We are going to need a budget to help you out, purpose built gaming laptops are really expensive but essential if you want to play games on high quality settings without lag but they happen to run almost 1000$ just for a middle of the road machine.

Anonymous 3349

I know you're specifically asking for recommendations, but I think you should research this yourself.
Look up what's in your price range.
See what customer reviews say.
Look at forums about the specific product and see what people's experiences have been.
Find out what other people run to play the games you want to play, try to find something comparable to what they use, if not the same thing.

Anonymous 3350

How is asking people on the internet (not on a tech-specific place) better than relying on a man?

>Look at game specs of the games you want to play

>Look for machine that will run that

Like >>3349 said, learning about tech yourself will help you the most.

Anonymous 3351

Build a desktop instead. A budget gaming desktop would be much better than an overpriced gaming laptop! Remember, google is your friend.


Anonymous 3352

Video game laptops are not a real thing, they are only a marketing tool to trick 12 year olds with wealthy parents to pay a shitload of money for a bad laptop.
What do you specifically want to on your laptop? If you find games really important, you should get a regular laptop if you want to play older games/emulator stuff, and build a desktop (this sounds hard but it isn’t) if you want to properly play new games.

Anonymous 3353

Definitely get a desktop.
And >>3349 is correct and better for you long term.

Anonymous 3398

Don't build a desktop.
It's a pain in the ass and not really worth it. If you want a desktop buy one of those new dell inspiron gaming desktops or a lenovo yoga 720 or even a good dell inspiron 7000.
Just don't buy a macbook (unless you're ok with buying a used one).
And if you have money to burn just buy a razer blade or a dell XPS.

Anonymous 3428

Wrong. Building a desktop is worth it if you have any concept of value for money or quality parts. It's only not worth it if you struggle with the physical building part, which is easily solved by paying a computer store to do it. The amount you pay them won't be anywhere near as much as you save compared to a prebuilt computer.

Anonymous 3429

>which is easily solved by paying a computer store to do it
also, guides online and/or mobo instruction booklet

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