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Feel movies Anonymous 3382

Hey CC.
I'm in a mood to feel things. Can you recommend some depressing or "touching" movies? I'd like to regret my whole life and feel like garbage tonight. I don't like anime but I'll accept that too. I'd like dramatic things. I don't have any depressing movie posters so please make do with the draft of a blue woman.

Anonymous 3385

grave of the fireflies

Anonymous 3386

Reipu Zonbi: Lust of the Dead (2012)

Anonymous 3387

There's a thread in media already about movies to make you cry….but most of the movies there are "nice".

For depressing movies , I recommend "The Road"

Anonymous 3395

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Love Exposure (a happy ish ending but the middle is quite… wow.)
My Rainy Days
Roman Holiday
American Beauty

Anonymous 3397

why roman holiday? i loved that one.

Anonymous 3414

The Orphanage
Shutter Island

Anonymous 3431

Oh I really enjoyed it too! The ending was realistic, but sad. They had a great time exploring the city and gettinf to know each other, but they have to part because of their different positions in life. Such partings are more sorrowful to me than unamicable ones, imo.

Anonymous 3438

Lost in translation

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