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Animal Crossing Anonymous 345

Do you play?
What does your town look like?
Favorite villagers?
Favorite tricks?
Also share art and QR codes!

Anonymous 347


I own the original western version, wild world, and new leaf with the original being my favorite for comfy nostalgia reasons. Fourth of July was the comfiest event! Fireworks, balloons, fans, and most importantly, school was out.

>What does your town look like?

I always wanted my town to look solemn and forest-like, pic related. But honestly, I could never get into new leaf for some reason so I just made a little ghetto orchard in wild world (as much extra trees as the game would let me grow).

>Favorite villagers?

Rosie, Mitzi, Diana, Tangy, Marina, Stitches. Any of the cute, peppy villagers pretty much! I also had a crush on Bill when I was younger lmao. I swooned whenever he talked about his workout routine because duck abs are so hawt.

Anonymous 352


My fav villagers are Chrissy and Francine. My town is hella pink and cutesy. I play new leaf since it came out, but the first animal crossing I played was wild world. V relaxing game just wish it were a bit more social? Idk

Anonymous 359

I have New Leaf. I like it because its relaxed (unlike Harvest Moon), but my town isnt as cool as the other towns i see online/pics, and I get bored of having to go to the island at night to catch the darn bugs. Oh yeah and my supermarket hasnt gotten bigger(how can they expect me to spend 50,000 bucks in it if theres hardly anything interesting in there! )

I love Wolfgang <3

Anonymous 375


I have ACNL and I used to play the DS game a lot back then. I grew tired of ACNL because I used to play it almost everyday for like two years but now I have almost nothing interesting to do in my village. I guess if I had the opportunity to play with other people I could get back into it. At the same time, I have a lot of other 3DS games that I want to play so I'm actually not sure about that.

I didn't have a particular idea for my village at first, but I tried to make it as colorful as possible when I noticed some of my villagers planted a bunch of flowers at once at some point. I eventually was able to change the town hall's look, I would like to do the same thing for my train station but that requires letting other people in my town and I never got to do that before. As for my house, I tried to get the complete mermaid set but I got tired of the minigames in the tropical island. Pic related is one of my rooms, I did complete some sets.

Anonymous 386

How did you get all the furniture from the same style? I hardly get any furniture at the supermarket to choose from. (fairly new to NL btw)

Anonymous 387

I played a lot so it's a matter of luck and patience. But I also used the streetpass feature a lot: you go out with your 3DS and if you meet other people who play ACNL and have their 3DS turned on, you be able to visit their house later on. Then you'll be able to buy some of thei furnitures. You can't buy some special items from them though, but it helped me complete several sets. Going to cons helped me meet a lot of people.

Anonymous 399

Wait so you can just go to their home and buy almost anything you see?

Anonymous 401

Not really anything you want, you're limited to 5 items a day. And some items can't be bought from other players (special sets, ites you obgain through events or holidays, etc.) You can't bought customized itmes either I think.

Anonymous 424


>Do you play?

new leaf is my fave but i also love HHA

>What does your town look like?

it's not finished yet but i'm going for a woodland/mori theme (similar to >>347)

pic unrelated

>Favorite villagers?

so many…marshal, etoile, pietro, julian, bonbon, apple, bluebear, eugene, roscoe, stella, broccolo, drago, fuschia, diana

>Favorite tricks?

the thing with lazy villagers in your campground

Anonymous 607


>Do you play?
Not as often as I used to. I have New Leaf (my favourite), City Folk, and Wild World on on my phone, but I just never really feel all that compelled to play these days. My town is as nice as I care for it to be, I've paid off my debts, I've got a shit ton of bells, I've finished collecting stuff for Blathers and now I don't really have much else to do other than meander and occasionally check up on my villagers. I mean, I could always restart my save but I feel weirdly attached to my town despite not even playing that much. I've had my New Leaf save since I was in high school and I guess I'd hate to lose the villagers that have been there since I started.
>What does your town look like?
Lots of flowers and mushrooms. I'm not very creative, but I try to go for a cute woodsy vibe if that makes sense, idk.
>Favorite villagers?
Apollo, Lily, and Jeremiah!

Pic related is my Mayor from NL (it's pretty old though lol.)

Anonymous 615

On your phone? Please elaborate, miner!

Anonymous 616

I have an android phone so I use this DS emulator called DraStic to play Wild World sometimes! It's a little finicky at times, but works just the same as it does on a regular DS.

Anonymous 923

Does anyone play gamecube still or is everyone stuck on new leaf until the next big game comes out

Anonymous 925

>Do you play?
I play New Leaf and I have been playing fairly regularly since it came out (I think I bought the game June 22, 2013).
>What does your town look like?
My town has an autumny feel. My paths are brick and I also got the brick bridge. I also have a ton of black roses too. Also my town looks best in the fall, when the trees are orange. I wish I could make my town look better but I don't really have the skill or eye for that. However, my house looks pretty decent and is one of the things I'm proud of (those it's still a wip)
>Favorite villagers?
Marshall, Cookie, Molly, Pudge, Fang, Ankha, and Maple (there's probably more but I can't remember any). Also I've had/still have these villagers in my town.
>Favorite tricks?
n/a since I don't time travel or attempt to duplicate items (I've tried but /unsuccessful).

I love the game so much and wish I got to play it when I was little. I bought Wild World recently but don't play it as much as New Leaf. I also really like HHA. I wish my friends played as much as me. I'm currently trying to collect all the AC amiibos and want some of the cards.

Anonymous 1056

animal crossing se…

Animal Crossing is such a cute game, I've only played New Leaf and Happy Home Designer though. I rarely play these days because I forget about it. Tom is my husbando and I even made us a house in Happy Home Designer.

Your town sounds really nice! Do you have any screenshots? I've been playing as long as you and my town seems plain by comparison. I keep putting off decorating my town.

Anonymous 1393

I'll try to provide some pics of it when I have some time, but I do warn you that it's not very impressive lol. im glad u took interest tho anon!
The only main decorations I have is my path, black roses, and very few pwps. I really wish I could add more detailed decor like other towns have, but I feel like due to the way I planned everything out it's too late to have an official design plan (my path takes up like 5 spaces in my patterns inventory which really limits me, and I'm too lazy to find a path with only one pattern) and I'm too lazy to fix things up lol. When I removed all the buried items and unwanted flowers it actually looks ok tho, but it's lacking that cherry on top. Compared to my other friends towns, mine is actually kinda impressive (considering they all abandoned their towns after a year).
I feel like if I restarted my town I could make it look a lot better but I've already dedicated about 4 years to this game/town I don't really wanna redo.

Anonymous 1425

i use tt to keep my villagers when i don't play often lol

Anonymous 1447


I love animal crossing! My town is quite comfy with different paths and lots of trees and PWPs. My favorite villager is Marina or Coco I think.

Anonymous 1448

81months wait.jpg

I haven't booted it up in so long, I'm afraid of the weeds and that Fauna and Chrissy might have moved out.

Anonymous 1464

I'm thinking of picking up new leaf again and restarting my town. My main gripe is that I cannot play daily but I also want to control who leaves my town. I know how to clear pings but it's still tedious and takes away from the otherwise relaxing nature of the game. I'm fine with the other things I miss out on when I don't play daily, but I have to see my favorite villagers leave.

Anonymous 1537


The mobile game has been released in Australia, and according to some sources will be released in other countries sometime in November. I've been a fan of the AC series since I had the original on gamecube, and have subsequently enjoyed City Folk and Wild World. Well, since I'm not an ausfag I did some searching to see if I could find an apk before it's release in the US. I've been playing the past few days, and it's pretty solid for what it is. The advent of in-app purchases does not hinder gameplay much and it's retained a lot of its signature cuteness, but I kind of feel like there's something lacking in this one that the other games in the franchise had. I just can't put my finger on it.
Has anyone played yet? Thoughts?

Anonymous 1538

Patiently waiting for this to come out in the states! I'm super excited, the Nintendo direct for this looked pretty cute and decent. I can't wait to get my non-console owning friends to get the game and add me.
So far the game kinda reminds me of an expanded on miitomo (specifically with the designing aspects).
I really hope the game is fun and I'm glad to hear it doesn't heavy rely on in game purchases cough mariorun
What I'm guessing it's lacking is that traditional animal crossing feel of being able to freely wander around your town and city and be fully immersed in the world (?) correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I'm guessing, from what I've seen so far

Anonymous 1539


I'm playing! I made it to Level 14 so far (tent upgraded to lvl 3, all crafting spots) without making any real-money purchases, so I'm not too worried about those.

It's a fun, watered-down version of New Leaf. I thought it would have more social features, but hopefully they'll be added later. So far it's mostly errands. Fishing and catching bugs is easier and pretty much everything has less variety, so it'll probably get boring soon unless they add more social things (imho), but for now I love it.

>free & mobile
>good mix between familiar/nostalgic and new
>idk it's just fun

>repetitive, probably gets old quick
>long tutorial has discouraged at least one of my friends from playing

purely subjective of course

You can absolutely roam freely, the locations stay the same but the villagers and requests will rotate once every 3 hours.

Anonymous 1542

I am going to get it. Also nitendo confirmed it will come out in November in their direct, but didn't specify anything else. I am not going to play it until I can keep my data, the Australia one isn't transferable, and I don't want to have to lose data. One of my friends is playing it though, and from what I've seen it seems like it's lacking because it seems more like happy home designer, talk to animals, fulfill a goal and go to the next. I feel like it's a mixture of hhd and nl but it utilizes weak versions of them both, but I won't know till I play.

Also, I wish that they'd have utilized QR codes or something, I was hoping the phone game would be connected to your nl game in some way, like you upload your character data from nl to the phone and back. It would have been really cool, but nintendo has a track record with wasting the gimmicks that their machines have.

Honestly my favorite thing about it, is that now they can work on a switch AC.

Anonymous 2727


I picked up a copy of ACNL for the summer so if there are anons still playing, drop them friend codes!

Anonymous 2749


tfw no animal crossing news at e3

Anonymous 2751


I was so sad when the AC x Sanrio cards never came to where I live. I was studying abroad at the time and I didn't see them anywhere, neither in my birth country nor in the country I was studying in (European miner here)

I've ended up buying some NFC stickers out of Ali and I plan on pirating the data myself. Nintendo's restocking policies are truly ridiculous, it's just a bunch of cards jeez

Anonymous 2756


This is my cafe-themed camp. I thought I would take some pics and share it with CC because my favorite part of Pocket Camp is visiting the campers and campsites of random strangers. I found a really odd/funny one the other day but I forgot to take photos.

Anonymous 2757


Lower floor of my camper now

Anonymous 2758


Annnd a bedroom upstairs

Anonymous 2790

I started playing Pocket Camp back when it first came out but got tired of it due to long load times and lack of general interest. How is it faring nowaways?

Anonymous 3071

>Do you play?
only new leaf
>What does your town look like?
pretty boring I've only played for about a year
>Favorite villagers?
Nana so far
>Favorite tricks?
don't have any

I'd love acnl friends so if anyone is still alive here I'll post my friend code uwu

Anonymous 3085

This is cute af! Is this from the app?

Anonymous 3319

Can someone who plays Wild World drop a friend code? I want the last update to Nook's shop and there's no other way :(

Anonymous 3320


s/o to the time I added this japanese rando and I walked into their van to see a bastardized version of my van

Anonymous 3325


>Do you play?
Yep! I had wild world and I have new leaf.
>What does your town look like?
Pretty basic, but I'm gonna work on making my town pretty eventually.
>Favorite villagers?
Curt is my favorite in New Leaf. Stitches is my favorite in Wild World, everyday I would come home from school and talk to him. I wish I could get both in my town in New Leaf, but that would probably take a lot of tries.
>Favorite tricks?
Uh, don't really have any at the moment.

Anonymous 3335


Pocket Camp is super comfy I love it

Anonymous 3339

There's a way. I remember I restarted my town a few times with no friends irl or online. I'd drop my fc for you but Nintendo no longer is paying for online connection for the regular ds.

Anonymous 3346


>be me in 2016
>animal crossing new leaf everyday
>play with boyfriend of 3 years, he has another character named after him on my game
>we go on dates on animal crossing because ldr
>villagers ask about him all the time
>take a break from ac when i finish uni, get a job
>6 months passes
>he breaks up with me
>"i thought you were the one but i don't love you anymore"
>year and a half passes
>i'm happy in another relationship, it's been 8 months, it's going great
>still think about ex sometimes
>start playing pocket camp
>miss my new leaf town and how wonderful it was
>want to go back
>know that it will be plagued by memories of the ex
>feel bad deleting it and starting fresh
>my favourite rabbit coco is my next door neighbour fs

i just want some comfy animal crossing time without thinking about my ex. ;__;

Anonymous 3445


Get you a waifu who looks at you like this

Anonymous 3463

Can you play.
Animal crossing.
On your PHONE???


Anonymous 3487

Nevermind I found it.

I'm weirdly disappointed but also happy to play it again after so many years.

It feels exactly like those clickbaity pay to win facebook scam games, but then again it is so close to the actual Animal Crossing that it almost ruins the fun memories of the game itself.

Is this just how all the games are these days? Did I miss so much in gaming development?

Anonymous 3499

Don't worry they're coming out with a main series AC for the Switch in 2019, I like Pocket Camp okay for a phone game but the franchise isn't only going in this direction from now on.

Anonymous 3516

I don't have a Switch though, I don't even have the old consoles anymore. Guess I'm stuck with that crappy AC for poor people, it's pretty nice for what it is anyway and I don't really have time to play full games these days.

Anonymous 3529

add me anon!! everything’s more fun with friends!

Anonymous 6344


Anyone playing new horizons?

Anonymous 6511


I’m so sad this thread is dead. Wanted ACNH frens on discord

Anonymous 6520


I'll be your friend anon.

Anonymous 6707

not to be morbid, but it looks like Marshal hung himself here

Anonymous 7067


Anonymous 7071

We have an NH thread! >>>/media/5916

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