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Anonymous 3492

Karaoke thread? Karaoke thread. Share karaoke experiences, mishaps, or tracks of yourself singing.

Anonymous 3493


To start off:
I will never live this down.
>take an ex-classmate out to karaoke
>nervous about performing a certain song
>be like 'haha i need someone to sing it with me to cover up my awful voice'
>sing first song at karaoke night
>crush is there
>crush is like 'yo you want to sing something together'
>crush actually knows the song i want to sing
>get ready to sing w/ crush
>ex-classmate comes up on stage
>awkward moment where he's like 'i thought we were singing together'
>crush is clearly weirded out
>end up singing together
>ex-classmate SCREAMS over everyone else in the song and makes it awful
>super embarrassed afterwards

karaoke night is usually fun though

Anonymous 3496

Oh just this
>Be out with then-bf
>Sign up with him for the phantom of the Opera duet
>He flakes at me on the last moment
>(It's a bar type karaoke where there are assigned frames for everyone so canceling is not an option)
>I go there alone
>Start singing the woman voice, everyone's like "meh"
>Start rocking the Phantom's line because my singing voice actually is low
>The bar goes wild

But that was about seven years ago. I've actually practised diving since then. Gonna go again soon >:3

Anonymous 3497

holy shit, i love the PotO duet. I would have also gone nuts if I heard someone doing that by themselves.

Anonymous 3533

I fucking love karaoke but I only do it alone lel (every time I go to Tokyo I'll go to do karaoke every other day. Feels good man)

Anonymous 3536

what does 'practised diving' mean?
like expanding your lung capacity?

Anonymous 3537

tbh i wish that private karaoke rooms were a thing in the states but all the karaoke places i've been to have been bars where you have to get up on stage in front of a bar full of total strangers.
at first i got ridiculous stage fright but after doing it a couple of times (while drunk) i've noticed that my nerves have gotten better.

Anonymous 3539

the most successful karaoke performance i've ever done was Daryl Hall and John Oates's Maneater
It was in this tiny little dive bar and I started off singing it in the standard arrangement. Halfway through the second verse I was like, 'wait a second, nobody's actually paying attention to this…' and for some reason it pissed me off because I love the song, so when it got to the second chorus I just ripped into it and started doing all this improvisational vocalization off the top of my head and in a higher range. the entire bar (admittedly, tiny bar: like only 4-5 tables) shut up and turned their heads. but at the end of it i got a huge round of applause and a bunch of drunk people like 'GIRL u KILLED it' and it felt really awesome.
When karaoke goes badly it's so embarrassing but when it goes well it's such a great feeling.

Anonymous 3599

Has anyone ever used the Smule app?
I really like singing on there with other people, but I hate showing my face. I've been doing it for a little while now, though, so I have a few followers and that's a nice feeling.

Anonymous 3621

Was in Japan a few weeks ago and got to experience karaoke rooms for the first time. They were unreal and I wish we had them (for a reasonable price) in my country. God, Japan does everything better. My dream is to one day go to karaoke with a bunch of my friends for my birthday and force my boyfriend to sing You're the One that I Want from Grease with me.

Anonymous 3630

That's why I want to go to Japan so badly, call me a weeb or whatever. But I wanna see/do weeb shit

Anonymous 3640

Im in Japan right now, and Ive been going to karaoke almost every day . Actually every time I come , I always end up going multiple times. Effing love it <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 3652

Do they have any songs in English or do you have to know Japanese? this is also one of my dreams. Doing karaoke at bars in front of strangers is nerve-wracking but in a little soundproof room with drinks and close friends? yes please

Anonymous 3665

Most have tons of songs in English and in my experience you can switch the language on the little tablet to search. They also had Korean music in my experience. I don't even like karaoke though lol

Anonymous 3666

Now they do have songs in English (including the most recent/popular ones), also in Chinese and like the other anon said in Korean too. But most of the tablet is in Japanese (except the part that takes you to the "languages" page where you can choose if you want the above mentioned ones). I have also noticed a new addition to the language screen tho, that now you can search for popular japanese songs in romaji and they will show you the lyrics in romaji too. Also these have three tabs : popular japanese songs/ anime/ and something else I cant remember because I'm a filthy weaboo and just kept choosing the anime one for easier searches lol

My absolute favourite karaoke chain is called "Uta Hiroba" (hard to miss, they have a smiley face on their title). The reasons are that 1) they are the cheapest (always a good reason tbh), and 2) with the price you get free all you can drink soft drinks, which in some places also includes slushies and ice creams.

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