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Films that make you cry / emotional Anonymous 3555

What are some movies or certain scenes from movies that can make you tear up every time you watch them?

Pic related because Eternal Sunshine hits very close to home and this scene in particular leaves me sobbing lmao

Anonymous 3631

giphy (2).gif

Ugh the scene at the end of Schindler's List. Where he breaks down and cries that he could've saved more people if he tried hard enough. It's just so sad 'cause all of the people he did save are surrounding him thanking him for saving them and he's crying that it wasn't enough. Ugh I love Liam Neeson

Anonymous 5770


Necro-ing because I wanted to make the same thread, especially to recommend "Happy as Lazarro" which is on Netflix now. Just watched it tonight.

It's strange, dreamy, gorgeous and so poignant.

Anonymous 5820

leolardo dicappucc…

The part in Titanic where Jack dies.
In real life he used all his money saving them and then was poor the rest of his days.

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