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Obscure media Anonymous 3632

Got any book, band, television show, anime, manga, game, etc. that you love but never have any opportunity to talk about it because no one knows what it is? Post about it here and maybe get some anons into it.

OP pic is Romeo's Blue Skies, a cute anime I enjoyed a lot.

Anonymous 3636

Oh my god I grew up watching Blue Skies and this just brought so many memories back. The opening song always made me so happy and still does, it's so pure.

Anonymous 3638

Everyone else had Sailor Moon but I had bootleg vhs copies of Candy Candy instead. And I can thank my mom for that

Thank you mommy

Anonymous 3639

OMFG I LOVE CANDY CANDY, Terry was best husbando btw

Actually just got all the manga printed and made into books :3

Anonymous 3643


Same here, the OST in general is great. I bought a copy of it and listen to it to relax or cheer myself up.
Alfredo is my role model in life.

Anonymous 4449


>tfw nobody knows about little red riding hood's zombie bbq

Anonymous 4582

only one i have is a band called Cayucas. they have a really cool beachy sound. (link is to my favourite song of theirs, it got me into them, maybe it will hook someone else!)

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